This was a story I wrote to my son when he about 8 or 9, after he had gone to school without doing his chores, when he came home, his chores were done and this note on his door:


 (Please forgive the total lack of comprehension of the English language, I’m just a home engineer)


So, as I was cleaning the house today, there came a knock on the door and there was a little old lady standing there…

She asked me if I was Jesse’s mother, I said yes, then she asked if she could come in, well, ya know I’m not too keen on strangers coming in the house, but she looked liked a grandma you would see on TV; short, nice flowery dress on, white hair with a box hat, sort of glowing, like a halo around her head.

She seemed so kind and gentle, so harmless; so I let her in the foyer. I asked her what her name was, and she told me it wasn’t important right now. She stated plain and simple that she was going to do Jesse’s chores today.

Well, you know, I’m all about Jesse doing his chores. Everyday they must be done at a certain time and he even has a list on the fridge of what he is suppose to do. If he doesn’t do his chores, without being told, he doesn’t get his allowance for the week. As I was telling this kind old lady the rules of the house, which I so vehemently enforce, she very quietly and softly pushed me to the side and headed for the kitchen.

Well, this momma isn’t gonna stand for something as outrageous as someone coming in her house and doing her child’s chores! I have rules, ya know!

I tackled her down to the ground, for I am a good wrestler, and we started pummeling

each other, even as she beat on me with her purse and hat, she had this calm engaging look to her face, you could even say it looked heavenly!

She said, after we scrabbled, no one getting the upper hand, “you know, by you Jesse only knows condemnation, he knows that he will never make it up to your standards and he only finds himself frustrated and discouraged.

In me he finds the faith and kindness he has as a child of God, and the hope of a better Godly man he will become in the future.” “No one will win this match, Jesse needs both of us to see him thru.”

Well, needless to say, I was feeling a little convicted of my daunting rigid tasks I lay out of front of him every day. So I gave in and let her start cleaning, she knew exactly where the 409 was and the towels and she started in on the kitchen table and chairs, emptied the trash and recycling, and then off to your room, where she straightened up and fed the frogs some worms.

She was humming as she went along, while I sat on the porch, licking my wounds and nursing my hurt pride.

As she was finishing up, she walked over to me and said “all done” with a smile. I was a little more than perturbed by her intrusion and cheerful disposition, and I snapped at her “You know, you can’t just walk up in my house like this any time you darn well please and proceed to do my sons chores !”

She looked at me so lovingly and softly said “I will come when you least expect me, I will come when you least deserve me, and I WILL come when you most need me”

She headed toward the door and turned around one more time to see my mouth hanging open, smiled and said “By the way, my name is Grace”

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  1. Scotti, yep I did, he loved it, and she visits sometimes, when we need it and least expect it. Im learning not to grapple with her as much. she really is a sweet thing. We should all have a little ‘Grace’ in our lives. Blessings, Kristina

  2. How delightful!

    I love it. Somehow we followers of Jesus seem to forget about Grace, and yet we welcome all sorts of other friends to stop by anytime they like and make themselves at home.

    We were saved by Grace…

    I have been reading alot of your writings, and do appreciate your honesty. We need so much more of it in our lives, and especially in our churches.

    I enjoy your humor and creativity and look forward to reading more. I read your post’s about the church split and about being angry over sin several days ago, and actually commented. I gave the comment a quick look over and realized I shouldn’t be writing yet as I am not all the way healed from a somewhat similar experience so I wiped it out.

    When one shares of their own faults, sin and humanity I believe it is a form of carrying someone else’s (who may be struggling too) burdens. It is good to know your’re not alone.

    Many blessings and love to you, Sandi

    blessings, Sandi

    • I am so relieved to meet anthoer Christian like you! I’m new at this church going thing and the thing that always made me weary was the culture of condemnation I felt from other Christians before I was one. I wanted Jesus but didn’t want his people, if you knw what I mean. I’m learning to love around that but I got to say, I like your kind of people Thanks for being so real. (I betchya hear that a lot).

  3. Sandi
    thanks for the encouragement and comment. feel free to comment about your church split experience or just e-mail me.
    When I think about my anger, more and more, it’s about unresolved stuff mostly with my hubby, not so much about the split. The ones closest to us make us the most mad, i guess.
    the people who have left our church have been flourishing and growing in churches God has placed them, and i have to just trust that God was and is the center of the split and He sent them out for a reason, He will make His word grow and spread.
    I also was thinking about the anger of some of those people who had left, the bitterness, the ick.
    Self is really the root of anger. More and more i think God and Jesus are pretty much the only ones who can have righteous anger. ecause they are sinless and right and just and good.
    Ours can come close, but there will always be the bit of self and sin in whatever we are angry about.
    About grace, we all want grace, but really forget about others needing grace, needing Gods grace and our grace.
    Hopefully i can pass on Grace to my sons children, someday.
    In His Name, Kristina

  4. This is really, really cool. How well thought out and clever. Maybe I’ll borrow it from you in about six years when my daughter’s old enough for chores.

  5. Justlovehim, you are more than welcome to borrow it, but I’m praying you don’t have to, that Grace will just be a part of your lives, stting in the living room drinking dutch bros. with you and your daughter. 🙂

  6. I’ve just started blogging recently. I wish I had the ceativity you express here. I really enjoed it. Thanks
    ~Aw, thank you Pilgrim, just the life of a Home Engineer

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