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IOWA 2015 ~ My Vacation



my luggage managed to get lost and I only received it two days til my departure

airport parking lot Micaela and Kristina

Arrival at the airport. I love Iowa and I love my hosts/my friends/my siblings in Christ


Thrift store shopping is something me and Micaela love to do and this was the find of the century!!


When I finally got my bags I told Micaela I think the guys brought me the wrong size jeans, mine are too small. MAYbe because Doug got up early and cooked me an apple pie and we ate a piece for breakfast every morning


I stayed on a farm/bednbreakfast/apple orchard with my friends I met blogging 6 [?] years ago. Been visiting every year ever since.


Doug put me to work raking up leaves in the orchard so the spores on the dead leaves do not infect the trees. Little did he know, I put a mysterious gift in each pile for him to pick up. {Libby poop}


This is Libby, resident farm dog. Master pooper and walker. Sometime bunneh killer.

iowa 2015 001

Had to get a picture at Walmart. Doesn’t everyone?

iowa 2015 002

We figured out how to put stencils on apple crates. There were over 100 needed to be done but I think I only got to 15 of them.

iowa 2015 016

Miss Kitty, beautiful calico, resident rodent hunter and snuggle buddy

iowa 2015 020 iowa 2015 021 iowa 2015 022

my little gourd project. We can’t get gourds to dry here in the PNW, too damp. Pretty excited over this little thing.

My week went by way too fast. I must be a farm girl trapped in a city.

What is your favorite vacation spot? and your favorite thing to do there?

Musings on…. Life in my 40’s


People say their 20’s was a life changing experiences, but this momma will have to say that my 40’s have been the craziest and life changing…to say the least.

I was into all kinds of debauchery in my 20’s. psst…everyone does it, sowing the wild oats, drinking, drugging, partying… blah,blah, blah. But my 40’s….man….crazy.

As I head into my 50’s decade, I’m gonna try to look back on this past decade and see what the hell I have done. I wish I had a big calendar that I wrote all the stuff I did so I could look back.

But maybe its good there isn’t any paper trail. turned 40 in 2004.

Joined Facebook in 2008. Started blog in 2007. Became a vegetarian/vegan in 2008. Lost 30 lbs doing body for Life in 2007. Weight has yo-yo’ed ever since.

Only had 2 tattoos, now I have upwards of 15 which includes a half-sleeve.

We only had one dog and 3 cats, now we have 3 dogs and a pig. gone through lots of animals, lost my heart to each and every one of them. I had two things I wanted to accomplish before I died. Knitting and ride a motorcycle. Did both in my 40’s. Own a pretty little Rebel right now and more yarn than I know what to do with.

Had a son late in life, at 28. Got married late in life, 32. Son has gone thru so much and so have we. My 40’s have been full of heartache for/with this kid.

I homeschooled my child for a year. Never EVER thought I could do it, but do it we did.

At 44 I was left to become something other than a stay-at-home mom. So I started a critter care business. It’s been amazing to say the least. So many wonderful animals and human clients.

Haha, never been high in my life, so i thought i would try that. It’s legal where I live. I hate to smoke and never have, so i ate it. Trippy. different from drinking, but the same. Just want my thoughts to stop and relax, altho the pot does let me relax, my brain still goes and I have the weirdest dreams.

Started this blog in my 40’s. It’s been one, if not the best way to do therapy.

Put my big girl panties on and went to IOWA to meet strangers, all by myself, in my 40’s. Best thing I ever did. I love Doug and Micaela so much.

Went on my first mission trip in my 40’s. To the Yakama Indian Reservation. Made many new friends that I will treasure forever. Had many craft fails, I get a little OCD and try many different crafts, much to the chagrin of my hubbys pocketbook.

Did a trial test thingy for the drug Abilify for about a year. It was pretty interesting and I still don’t know if I was taking the Abilify or a placebo.

I had dreads for about 3 years, off and on, always got to a point where I couldn’t wash them every day and they wouldn’t dry fast enough. I also got my first case of lice!!

Had nose surgery this past year. It was the most horrifying thing to not be able to breathe for two weeks. I have had all my woman parts yanked out and a ruptured disc fixed.

Thinking of going to school for vet tech, so I can transition into a desk job someday when I am unable to walk. lol.


And many many other things I cannot recall right now.

Hopefully my 50’s will be a bit more mellow and I can rest in the Lord more and more, knowing He holds my life in His hands.

As the Days Roll By…


Work is kicking my booty. Well, the work itself isn’t but the hours are.

Im working at Operation Christmas Child, offshoot of Samaritans Purse…

Its fun, work is good, get hard enough to keep me inspired, the group of people i work with are amazing.

It’s been 18 years since real full time work and 13 years since any outside the home work.

Whew, I’m tired.

Boy starts school on the 22nd. My senior, my working senior,  he has grown up too dang fast.

His Sandwich artist job is keeping him inspired and tired. His first job and they are working him lots of hours.

It does a mothers heart good to see him being so sweet to the customers and loving what he does.

My poor little car has been sitting in the front, looking very sad and forlorn, i think she is jealous of my bike.

I ran into a curb the other night and flattened the front tire, now as it sits there in the driveway it has a tennis ball size bulge in the back tire. 😦

My bike, what can i say, its a dream come true. I still cant even fathom i’m actually on the bike, riding it down the street. Looking at a store front window and seeing my reflection is just insanely crazy cool.

Ya know how cyclists wave to each other or give the downlow peace sign?

Well, at the beginning i was too scared to take my hand of the clutch so i just gave a head nod.

Now when someone gives me the peace sign, i give it back, all cool and calm-like giggle like a 5 year old!

To me it is so cool and funny, a 44  year old conservative christian tattoed mom with big girl panties riding a bike…. like being in a secret club…..

yes i am wack. It’s ok, i know. and i’m fine with it.

Led a bible study this summer, it was an awesome precepts study on Hebrews 11.

So while Im working im only doing a bible study at church, im missing BSF, they are going thru the book of Isaiah. Jealous!

I missed getting to go to Iowa this Sept. which has really made me sad, but by working i can save my money up to get a spring plane ticket to go.  I plan on staying a week and working my hotel bill off with manual labor. 🙂

My exercising is shot to heck too. Not enough time in the day. Maybe i will lose those pesky 20+ pounds after December 3rd. [thats when my job ends]

Blessings for now, must go to bed early, early to rise.

Oh and this foster pup!!! Oy Vey! Anna Bella hates her. they have fought a few times, serious scraping. Anna put 2 holes in Ophelias ear and was limping a bit.

we started calling Anna ‘Tyson’. then a few days ago, my fault, i threw 1 bones down and they started fighting again, this time Ophelia got a hole in annas mouth and Phe was limpinh.

Don’t quite know what I’m gonna do…need to find a home for her…..

Musings on….. King Corn ~ Movie Review


I watched the King Corn Movie last night [4-19/2009]

It was really good. Slow but good.

Two friends who have roots in Iowa decide to go back to Greene, Iowa and plant an acre of corn to see how its done and see where the corn goes after its picked.

After planting and harvesting, they find they are in the hole for several tens of dollars, but the government is there to subsidize their offering.

The corn tasted terrible and isn’t edible until it is processed. Half of Iowa’s corn goes to feed cattle and the rest to processing into, well, processed foods.

The reason antibiotics get fed to cows is because their system can’t digest the 60 to 90% corn diet and to fight off infection from being held in feed lots.

Some baby cows go up eating grass and running free, but as soon as the cattle rancher or slaughterhouse buys them, they go into a feed lot and are held for 150 days, in tight quarters, unable to move and are fed constantly. To gain weight, and if they move too much they don’t gain the weight. After the 150 days they are  shipped to their death.

The first of the movie was very interesting. They take a hair sample and have it analysed. They come to find out that the amount of corn in their hair is very high.

So they set off to find out what foods have corn in them.

I heard somewhere that the 2 guys tried to eat corn-free for a determined amount of time. Don’t know if they were successful. but Jesse and I are going to try it. Tomorrow, Thursday the 21st.

I will let you know the results!

Update: Thursday: Jesse ate cereal. I ate licorice. It has corn syrup in it.  We messed that day up before lunch time! We will try again.