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Musings on….. King Corn ~ Movie Review


I watched the King Corn Movie last night [4-19/2009]

It was really good. Slow but good.

Two friends who have roots in Iowa decide to go back to Greene, Iowa and plant an acre of corn to see how its done and see where the corn goes after its picked.

After planting and harvesting, they find they are in the hole for several tens of dollars, but the government is there to subsidize their offering.

The corn tasted terrible and isn’t edible until it is processed. Half of Iowa’s corn goes to feed cattle and the rest to processing into, well, processed foods.

The reason antibiotics get fed to cows is because their system can’t digest the 60 to 90% corn diet and to fight off infection from being held in feed lots.

Some baby cows go up eating grass and running free, but as soon as the cattle rancher or slaughterhouse buys them, they go into a feed lot and are held for 150 days, in tight quarters, unable to move and are fed constantly. To gain weight, and if they move too much they don’t gain the weight. After the 150 days they are  shipped to their death.

The first of the movie was very interesting. They take a hair sample and have it analysed. They come to find out that the amount of corn in their hair is very high.

So they set off to find out what foods have corn in them.

I heard somewhere that the 2 guys tried to eat corn-free for a determined amount of time. Don’t know if they were successful. but Jesse and I are going to try it. Tomorrow, Thursday the 21st.

I will let you know the results!

Update: Thursday: Jesse ate cereal. I ate licorice. It has corn syrup in it.  We messed that day up before lunch time! We will try again.

Year End ~Stuff~


Looking at other blogs this day I am feeling compelled to write about this past year.

But really, ever since January, this year has really, really sucked.

I will put some [all time, which would be 2 years] blog stats down, if you are interested….

Top Referrer: with 847 views [which i think most of them are my sweet dear friend Ashley!]

and then WordPress Dashboard with 722 views

Top Posts and Pages:

Is This a Truly Awesome Transformation? 5,185
Get Your Mammograms, Ladies! 4,577
Grant Wood Country B and B 2,832
Advent Family Devotions: The Third Week 2,027

I am highly ecstatic that the mammogram post gets some top honors, the word needs to get out about how important it is to get a mammogram.

Search Engine Terms:

depressed 3,269
breast cancer 2,718
chesapeake bay retriever 2,570
american gothic 1,406

I’m assuming this means there re a lot of depressed people out there….

Things people clicked on from my site:… 313 278… 219                        187

So, I have to crack up that my buddy, Kevin got lots of clicks!

Blog Stats Summary Tables

Total views: 94,552

Busiest day: 374 — Thursday, October 18, 2007 [and on that day this post got the most hits]


Posts: 466

Comments: 1,745

Categories: 49

Tags: 7

I have 25 blogs i subscribe to, I did delete a few, but still check in on them.

‘nother subject: Christmas was good. we [or should i say hubby earned the cash, i just kept track of it and didn’t spend it] earned a bit of cash to get ourselves a new bed and a couch for downstairs. The boy bought for himself a PSP.

We spend Christmas eve with my family and Christmas day morning at church and afternoon at Hubbys family.

We drove about 50 miles in that awful snow and he got my car stuck in the driveway, his dad yelling at him and an hour with 4 guys getting it unstuck, while i sat in the house trying not to stress about it. i had to ride for an hour with 4 guys in my car, 2 of them teenagers. you can’t even imagine the conversations….. and my car now stinks. like boy. ewwww.

But it was all good.

Looking forward: getting this boy out of 10th grade and into “Running Start” a program where he gets a high school diploma and 2 year AA degree at the same time. Free! yeah!

continuing to knit [ i have a whole box full of stuff i knit, then don’t know what to do with]

continuing to eat healthy. Trying to make most of my days vegan days.

I am coming up on the 5 year anniversary of my hysterectomy and am seeing a cancer doctor to discuss my course of action, staying on fake estrogen or getting off. [I’m sure my family would want me to stay on.] I’m considering taking this test

Taking a trip to the east again! To visit my favorite pig.

Trying to write shorter posts.

Getting back into Precepts bible study. I miss it so!

And last but not least, striving to live a life worthy and full of gratitude for the One and Only King of Kings.

Blessings on your new year!

The Home Engineer

VeganMoFo and Cuteness


It’s vegan month of food, I guess one is supposed to blog about vegan food for the whole month, but, alas, I don’t have time.

but i can tell you who I look to to give me good recipes and stuff:

Have Cake Will Travel (Celine Rocks)

Knits with Carrots

Fatfree Vegan Kitchen 

The Urban Vegan (I would love to live in a place where vegan restaurants abound *sigh*)

Tofu for Two

Vegan Yum Yum

Two Little Vegans

Veg Cooking Blog (from

And last, but definitely not least, the author and chef, dad and hubby and Canadian (Yah)

Vegan Dad!!

I’m hoping to live long enough to make all his recipes. I don’t know how he does it, but he’s brilliant and I spent the last 3 days eating chocolate chip pudding cake to die for!

If anyone knows of any other good vegan recipe sites, please let me know!


I have had the cat and the dog look like this on more than one occasion!

Hope all is well in your little corner of God’s earth.

I took my first test for my qualifying class to homeschool, got 4 wrong 😦

Ciao, Kristina

Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him. James 1:12

Musings on….. 2 Books and 1 Bible Study


Finished 2 books recently:

Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser

This book is awesome! Even if you don’t care what kinds of crap is in your food (and I say that literally) you will love this book.

I didn’t realize how much McDonald’s and other like minded organizations run this country and they are working their way into other countries as well! Country landscapes are being changed permanently by these fast food corps moving into their cities and fields.

Here is the last paragraph in the book (epilogue):

I guess I need to paraphrase so I don’t get into any copyright issues

the author is explaining what needs to be done to get these big corporations out of control.

No one in the US is forced to buy fast food. the first step toward change is by far the easiest, stop buying it.

The executives that run the fast food industry are business men, they will sell whatever you demand. They will sell whatever sells at a profit.

The heads of these corporations should feel daunted, they’re outnumbered. there are 3 of them and 3 hundred million of you (consumers)

A boycott, a refusal to buy, can speak much louder than words. Think about where the food came from, about how and where it was made, about what is set in motion by every single fast food purchase, the ripple effect, near and far, think about it.

Then place your order, or turn and walk out the door. Its not too late.

Fast Food Nation

From Booklist
Everyone frets about the nutritional implications of excessive dining at America’s fast-food emporia, but few grasp the significance of how fast-food restaurants have fundamentally changed the way Americans eat. Schlosser documents the effects of fast food on America’s economy, its youth culture, and allied industries, such as meatpacking, that serve this vast food production empire. Starting with a young woman who makes minimum wage working at a Colorado fast-food restaurant, Schlosser relates the oft-told story of Ray Kroc’s founding of McDonald’s. The author also tells about the development of the franchise method of business ownership and the health and nutrition implications of fast-food consumption. In a striking chapter, Schlosser gives a glimpse into the little-known world of chemically engineered flavorings, both natural and artificial. The coming together of so many diverse social, scientific, and economic trends in a single industry makes this book a relevant, compelling read and a cautionary tale of the many risks generated by this ubiquitous industry. Mark Knoblauch
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved –This text refers to the Hardcover edition.


Scoop by Rene Gutteridge

Very good book, as was her Boo Series. Cute, endearing a mix of romance, thriller, drama, suspense.

A quick read (I read fast).  I say: get the book!

Scoop (The Occupational Hazards Series #1)

From Publishers Weekly
This humorous novel from Gutteridge kicks off her new series, the Occupational Hazards, featuring seven siblings in a clown family that disbands when the parents die in a freak accident. Twenty-five-year-old Hayden Hazard sheds her protected, home-schooled life to strike out on her own as assistant to Channel 7 news producer Hugo Talley. Her innocence, simple faith and good looks attract the attention of reporter Ray Duffey and ego-maniacal weatherman Sam Leege. But trouble is brewing: an aging newscaster has overdone the Botox, giving her a permanent happy face while announcing the most terrible tragedies, and Ray is assaulted on the air while doing a story on pig zoning. An explosion at the waste-water treatment plant seems simple, but Ray discovers something stinks more than sewage or the pigs. Hugo pops blue pills for his stress, but even his medicated calm can’t quell the looming disaster. As she did in her Boo series, Gutteridge clearly has fun with her story; the pages brim with quirky characters and plenty of laughs. Hayden’s crusade against Hugo’s anti-anxiety meds are the only questionable note in the book; readers may see it as a faith versus prescription antidepressants message. Drugs aside, this is a rollicking evangelical ride through the television news world, reminding readers why Gutteridge is such a delightful read. (Oct. 10)
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. –This text refers to the Paperback edition.


We are doing a study of this series at church on Wednesday nights:

Legacy Institutes,  the Biblicial blueprint for Sexual Integrity.

Workbook and DVD, speakers name is Carrie Abbott. We have only done 2 sessions so far….


On a Personal Note…..


1. My friend bought me this button

Hehe, I love it.

2. I average about 150 hits a day on this site, I’m often thinking, why do I do this? Does the number really matter? Who and am I doing this for? Why? It started out as having an outlet for my random intense brain-strangling thoughts about my life and bible studies and family.

And it still is, but I get lured by the world or what the world thinks. I justify by saying I want to get Gods Word out or glorify God. But really, its for me. To get all the thoughts out of my brain and down in a some what organized manner. So it will not explode.

Someday I would like to get this blog printed out in book form for my son. He doesn’t seem interested right now, but if I died, He might then. 😉

3. I mentioned awhile back there were some family struggles going on here and we are in a transitional period, meaning we are waiting on some outside circumstances to happen. Sort of like waiting on Gods timing, well, exactly like waiting on Gods timing. The waiting and anticipating is exhausting and irritating. We are being worn pretty thin, tempers flare, anxiety breeds depression and anger. We are finding it hard to wait on Gods time. When we, in particular, me, are forced to wait on things that are not in our/my control, it is maddening. But God knows and is working on me to accept His time and His providence for my/our lives.

4. In dealing with this family struggle, I have backslid a bit. I have went to the comfort of alcohol (and Tylenol PM) to tame my agitation and anxiety. My foul mouth appears more frequently and anger plays a major role in my life. Food is also a comfort, a temporary comfort. I so dislike trials and suffering (righteous and unrighteous suffering) but I know in my heart I must go through the refining. How else am I made in His likeness?

 I’m looking forward to the end of it, to feeling like my faith is strengthened, (knowing, hopefully,  that I reacted to all this in a godly way that showed His love). Like it is all worth the while to know I’m closer to Christ. I’m not sure if that’s wrong thinking….

5. My hubby seems to think I would be good for this job, so I am contemplating applying for it. I e-mailed for more info. This is my sons school, so I could keep an eye on him without too much of embarrassment to his young self.

Athletic Director’s Secretary
Description: The Tacoma Baptist Campus of South Sound Christian Schools is looking for a qualified person to assist our Athletic Director. The position begins August 18, 2008 and continues through the end of June, 2009.

Minimum Requirements:Must be a born again Christian who supports the doctrines and philosophy of South Sound Christian Schools. Must be able to perform general office duties and be knowledgeable in the use of Word, Excel, Outlook and data base computer applications. Must be able to multi-task. Employee must possess strong interpersonal relationship and people skills. Sports knowledge is a plus.

Salary: This is an hourly part-time position.

I don’t want this job. I don’t want a job. period. But since I complained about wanting a job a few months back, He is pushing me to apply for it. Now, as a wife who is supposed to be submissive to the her hubby, do I have to do what he says and apply for this job?

6. Summer time is stressful for me. This actually is hard for me to admit and I get so many negative reactions to it when I tell people.

Yes, I know I only have one kid. Yes, I know he is self-sufficient and 15 years old. Yes, I know I don’t have a job to worry about or child care. Yes, I know it’s a pride issue.

Its the change of my schedule that does it, I’m selfish for my quiet time. Now its gone during the summer. Its because I only have one child, he has no one to hang out with, when he was little, I was his buddy, his best friend (sad, but true) he never wanted to go to camp or summer programs, still doesn’t.

We manage but the anxiety, or should I say the needless worry I have overshadows the positive.

This summer adds another facet, teaching the boy to drive. Man-o-man. Pray for me!!! 🙂

 7. I received an e-mail from someone indicating they see evidence in me of Gods grace and I have made an impact in their life, that even when I struggle I evidence His reality.

My response to the e-mail:

Most times our own evidences of grace are not seen clearly. The lens of our own eye is clouded with past sins and doubts of ever being sanctified. Its always so weird to hear others say I’ve changed. Altho I know in general I’m different. I still struggle with the little every day sins, the ones that always just pop out of the mouth or slap me in the face. Sometimes I wish God would bring more compliments into my life, but then if He did, I would become proud, more proud. So, like Mary, I cherish the comments in my heart and savor them when I’m extremely in need of encouragement.

8. I have received 2 comments concerning veganism/vegtarianism. One person sent me this site

Christian Vegetarian Association FAQ page. I skimmed it and came to the conclusion that the scriptures references do not give a clear indication that God and Jesus want us to be vegetarians or meatless eaters. My comment back to this person as follows:

~~thanks for the info. i don’t read in the bible where we are supposed to be vegetarians or vegans. And we, humans, are the only creatures created in Gods image, therefore considered ’special, ‘loved’, ‘protected’. In the New test. we are told any animals are clean to eat.
I have no problem with the eating of meat, but the way people kill animals, and the over killing of animals and the improper handling of all things animal is wrong.
We are NOT to satisfy our gluttonous sinful self with cosmetics and detergents (tested on animals and animal products used in), furs and animal oriented entertainment or the overkilling of animals and the huge amount of waste of food in general in this country.
We are to take care of our bodies because it is the temple of the Holy Spirit, we are to take care of our bodies to be healthy enough to do what God and Jesus commands us to do, take care of widows and orphans and go preach the good news to the ends of the earth. If we are sick and fat and lazy and only concerned with what goes into our faces, then we can NOT do what Jesus tells us. I appreciate the website link and will look more into it but from what I read just from the FAQ page, its not a convincing argument for me to say, “Yes, God says we should NOT eat meat” Blessings, Kristina

The other one is from a good friend who says he just doesn’t get it and finds it a hardship dealing with his lactose intolerant kids, my comment back:

~~yeah, you missed a post or two.
here is what started it
i refuse to eat anything that cries out in pain. sorry.
Actually its not that bad, true i must eat lots of soy and veggies, but with some practice i can get it to taste good. (soy sauce is amazing) you can substitute cocoa powder for most of the choc baked things and as you can see from all the pics (check the flickr site) there is some good stuff out there. I’ve tried so many different things and realized they are tasty. mind you, some of the stuff is just ok and most of it can be bland, but there is so many options and we are saving money not buying so much meat. I’m not yet totally vegan, I still like cheese and sour cream. Soy cheese is the worst. (
vegan is a lifestyle not just an eating style. I am slowing getting rid of animal products in all my life and products tested on animals and with animal products in them.
If you watch the video you will see what i mean.
One must eat to live not live to eat, my friend.
i just got back some lab results and i’m the healthiest I ve ever been, im also overweight, i have a registered dietitian setting up an eating plan for me.
Im also trying to be healthy to stave (spelling?) off some of the genetic problems the women in my family have. i want to be able to grow old gracefullyand useful to the Kingdom.
hope that helps. Kristina

I am finding this extremely weird that others would be so down on me for eating in this manner. Why is it so hard to comprehend? Because they don’t eat like me? Because I’m ‘saying something’ (by taking a stand) to them about themselves? Obviously these 2 people above aren’t ‘down’ on me, but others have been. I’ve even been told I need to be talked to….hmmm, I wonder what that’s about? 😉

Anyway, thats my life lately. Prayers are appreciated and coveted.

Blessings, Kristina