Daily Archives: September 13, 2017

Musings on …… Food


I eat. I eat way too much. I start to eat and want to continue to eat until I cant anymore.

I am that way with alcohol also, That is why I can’t drink. I still do, but I am learning to stop.

I eat and drink to pacify my angst, my depression, my worries and troubles.

I was really hit full force with this ‘dilemma’ last time I was with friends in Iowa. They know portion control, They sit, eat one plate, nice portions and are done.

Hubby and I both eat way too much. Whole bags of candy, chips and popcorn. Not one but two of sandwiches, hamburgers, whatever.

Being 51, having my cholesterol over 500 and sitting most of the day is basically killing me and not where I want my twilight years to be.

I remember my mother and I eating dinner with family, and when the guys were done and gone, we would sit and eat the rest of the potatoes or whatever other carbs there was.

About a week ago, I started a tiny exercise program of weight free exercises and 30 min  walks. I can feel my clothes are bit a looser, but nothing major.

I have to go back to the dr. and tell them I refuse to be on meds…. and this is the last ditch effort. Exercise and portion control.

Pray for me.