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Helping Others. What Does That Look Like for Me?


What Do I Want?

What is my desire for the future?

Big Dream:

self sustaining non-profit to help recycle, renew and help others – My Hope Mercantile as a full time job.


Vet tech, working part time in clinic or other agency.

Part time critter care business, with more hours being able to spend nights at clients houses.

Part time non-profit ministry

Part time fostering/adopting

[Notice these are all part time things]

be able to take the yearly trip to Yakima and Iowa

Being available to help others

being able to spend time at other non-profits


minimal time on Hope Mercantile, collect bibles, school to be vet tech, moving, husband transitioning to retirement. minimal time at the critter care business.

Husband told me I could go to school for the end game of getting a job and making money.

I just want to make enough to support my non-profits and have a bit of mad money.

Husband is worried we will be broke when he retires [we won’t, he is just nervous]

I’m not in a good place to make decisions right now with stress from moving, hubby’s retirement and a health concern.

But I wanted to type it all down and try to make sense of it.

Should I switch from vet tech to vet assistant program?

Do I want to work full time +? [no]

Do I want to be committed to just one thing? [no]

Helping others is the goal, recycling, saving, the back room work.

I do not want to be in management, want to be behind the scenes, actually helping people and animals.

How can I have a flexible schedule and make part time money and do all things I want to do?

Am I being selfish that I don’t want to commit to doing just one thing 40+ hours a week?

Right when my husband will be home all the time and we can finally do a bit of stuff together?

I know I have maybe 30 ish more productive years left. and quite frankly, that scares me. I really do not know where all the time went and not ready to die.

I also know I have been blessed to be able to live alone and work when I was younger, felt good to be self sufficient.

Blessed to have had the opportunity to be a stay at home mom. To follow my little dreams of owning my own business.

I know I have helped others, and someday I hope to see the fruit of all that.

If anyone has any advice, I’d gratefully listen