Mentoring….. What is it? J.M.O.*


I asked my peeps on Facebook what mentoring looked like to them. Here are some answers:

~Encouraging and directing

~Time. You are that person’s source of learning.

~Guess it would depend on the setting/ expectations on both sides going into it, but a biggie would be that you genuinely care, can actively listen, and are @ least one step ahead of the person you are mentoring..doesn’t mean you have life all figured out.

~Walking alongside of them as they travel in life, encourage and support, but not feeling like you are responsible to solve all their problems. Show them what a healthy life looks like following God and allow God to work in them as only He can do.

~Not just hearing their heart but truly listening to it and guiding them towards its calling and passion!

~Depends on what it is.

All these are true. Yet does not even begin to encompass all that there is to mentoring.

When I was first asked to be a mentor, and subsequently, when I asked others to be mentors, there was a resounding feeling that we were not ‘good enough’ to mentor another.

The thought of putting yourself out there and caring for another person is scary, unknown, overwhelming. We feel we put so much time into other things, like work, home, family….but do we? Do we really put our time into a worthy cause or are we just making sure we have time to watch our favorite shows/games/internet?

Being a mentor brings up emotions, good and bad. Am I ‘good enough’, do I have enough time, do I have enough energy, do I have enough knowledge? Will I get a ‘good’ student? Will we have things in common? What is it in for me?

Yes, on all accounts. God will give you all these things and more. You will be blessed.

My heart is a bit too soft and I care a bit too much and get hurt a bit too much by others. I really didn’t want all the baggage that came with mentoring another broken soul.

But I am that broken soul. I may not have done the exact things/sins/roadblocks that my student has, but I have done enough to be able to turn ‘my mess into a message’ of hope for someone else.

Mentors are not present to fix another person. We are there to walk alongside another, get into their lives, speak truth in love, network, to listen.

If you are feeling inspired, be a mentor, give and receive the Love of Christ. You won’t be sorry.

*J.M.O. = Just My Opinion

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