Henry Rollins: Asshole or Straight Talker? Depends on Your Emotions


A FB convo with my brother : Warning language!

Mat Hayward / Shutterstock.com This morning Henry Rollins, the former Black Flag singer turned LA Weekly columnist, wrote a piece called “Fuck Suicide.” Judging by…
  • Dan Well…if my choice is between him and some hack writer at the stranger – ‘ol Hank will be my man every time.
  • Dave· Friends with Dan 

    Henry hosts this show on H2, it’s a good history show:


    Meet Henry Rollins, punk rock icon, spoken word poet, actor, author and the new See More
    Dave · Friends with Dan

  • Kristina’s Critter Care
    he only says what most of us think, depression is a bitch and so is suicide. depression makes you think your kids would be better off without you. depression makes you think that suicide is the only way out. But it is not.
    and when he say ‘pull yourself up’ he means the depressed person needs to want help to do the better thing. to live. it’s like drug addiction, one can’t do anything to help the drug user unless he himself wants help. and to top it off, suicide is an easier way out, its so fucking hard to make the decision to get better, to go thru the pain of finding out what is wrong, WORK thru that wrong and every day walk the process of getting better…. its hard.
    both Dan and I have walked thru it, we are still here fighting, perhaps every hour to be better FOR our kids.
    Little did I know when I reared back to punch my 5 year old in the face, it would be my breaking point to finally seek help. To get better. ok, off my soap box.
    Dan: There’s a big difference between saying “get over it”, as people seem to think he was saying – and saying “be a responsible adult and get it dealt with”, like he really seems to have been saying.

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