The One Perfect Beautiful Pure Unconditional Love I Wanted…


I would assume every new mother feels this way. [Look at my title]

We want a beautiful baby that we created to be perfect, healthy, to love us and adore us, to fill the hole in our hearts where love hasn’t flown yet.

We imagine all the ways our baby will different from the rest, the color of his eyes, the job he will get, the wife he will marry, the sports he will play, the talents he will definitely have [because he was born of our womb, of course]

He will be brilliant, cure cancer, go on mission trips, make lots of money,  give us tons of equally beautiful and talented grand-kids who will adore us and who we will get to spoil endlessly.

We may have screwed up our lives thus far and want this tiny little human to be the one good and wise and perfect thing we have created.

Well, hate to slam you back to reality but since my good friend Kay [not her real name] did it to me, I am going to pass on the favor.

Starts out by a having a lovely conversation about how I feel guilty over ‘contributing’ to my sons particular sins.

Kay says ‘did God open your womb knowing you are a sinner?’


Kay: ‘does God know you and your baby daddy are sinners?’

me: yes

Kay: ‘are all humans born sinners?’

me: yes

Do you see where she going?

Kay: ‘do you think his particular sins are because of your sins?’

me: yes

Kay: ‘If he didn’t have this particular sin and had other sins, would it be your fault?’

me: .yes … I think, because sins have a way of being the same generation after generation, it can be the way they cope with stuff…

Kay: ‘two sinners have a sinner. easy as that. How could you not think he would be a sinner when everyone is born a sinner and everyone sins?’

me: ……………..

Damn it. She is so right. All my lovely sugary sweet thoughts shot all to hell.

1 sinner + 1 sinner = baby sinner.

How could I have thought any different?


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