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Westminster Shorter Catechism ~ 6th Commandment


Q. 67. Which is the sixth commandment?

A. The sixth commandment is, Thou shalt not kill. [a]

[a]. Ex. 20:13; Deut. 5:17

Q. 68. What is required in the sixth commandment?

A. The sixth commandment requireth all lawful endeavors to preserve our own life, and the life of others [a].

[a]. Eph. 5:28-29

Q. 69. What is forbidden in the sixth commandment?

A. The sixth commandment forbiddeth the taking away of our own life, or the life of our neighbour, unjustly, or whatsoever tendeth thereunto [a].

[a]. Gen. 9:6; Matt. 5:22; I John 3:15

Sexual Abuse ~ Only 2 Rules


Disclaimer: I am a high school educated christian woman, wife and mother, these words are my opinion.

Take it or leave it.

My words will speak mostly about child sexual abuse and will speak of my own experiences and view as a mother.

I will mostly use the word ‘he’ to describe the perpetrator of sexual abuse. By no means are men the only perps or victims.

I’m not quite sure if I’m going thru a bit of PTSD from an 5 year-long event my family has endured but right now I’m struggling. I should probably seek counseling but for now my blog will have to suffice.

I have an issue with what I deem inappropriate touching. It makes me feel like a whore and disrespected. Been like that for a while and always wondered if I had the faulty thinking or the person doing it had the faulty thinking.

[some background, my mother and most of her siblings were sexually abused by their drunken father who was molested by his father. She desperately and gallantly protected me and my brother from this cycle of abuse. ]

Sexual abuse was never on my radar until about 5 years ago. [another long story for another time]

But a few months ago I asked God to show me if there was any sexual abuse in my past I had blocked out. I have been hearing about people blocking incidents of abuse out and also blocking out huge parts of their childhood. I often wondered how that could happen, but I digress.

Without any conscience thought, a male relative was brought to my mind. I remember him being inappropriate with me in words but not in deeds. I have wondered greatly about this, dreamt about it and finally admitted to my husband what had been going thru my mind.


All this to say, in my life experience as of now, my  2 rule advice for parents who hear about sexual abuse in children [and this could be related to adults also] if anyone has adult experience to share, please comment…

#1 ~ Never ever ever ever DISbelieve a child when they tell you of abuse.

#2 ~ ALWAYS find a way to seek out the perpetrator…for discipline, correction, counseling, awareness.


I guess I need to explain those 2 rules a bit.

#1 always believe your kid, a relative, a friends kid or anyone who tells you they have been abused.

no matter how old they are, no matter how long ago it happened, never discount or take lightly what they tell you. They have gone through something traumatic and it’s been even more difficult trying to be brave enough to tell someone.

Be an advocate, be a support, be a protector. Get that child away from the perp, fast and forever. Do not put your own selfish wants and needs in front of that child. That child is broken and needs someone to help them. I beg you.

#2  Do NOT keep the crime hidden. [No matter when it happened or how long ago] Seek out the perp or the police  and confront this person. Do what is needed to never let this EVER HAPPEN again. Do NOT think it will go away. Do NOT think its best swept under the rug and we can handle it ‘in house’. Do NOT think ‘we can’t tarnish our name or the name of the perps family but letting this get out’. Stop the cycle of abuse.  Get him/her out of the situation they are in that helps them continue the abuse. Get them counseling, let them know you are there for them, but that you know what they did and you will not let happen again. You cannot convict their heart but again, you as an adult need to give them guidance, help, nurturing.

And above all, pray. Pray that whatever it takes, Gods will be done, the victims and perps get help, love and hope for a better future.

Just think, if you don’t stop the abuse, other innocents will be next, other people’s children, the perps own children and grandchildren, friends. Then those innocents won’t be innocent and they can become perpetrators.

The ripple effect is huge.

Westminster Shorter Catechism ~ 9th Commandment


Q76: What is the Ninth Commandment?
A76: The Ninth Commandment is, “thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.”

Q77: What is required in the Ninth Commandment?
A77: The Ninth Commandment requireth the maintaining and promoting of truth between man and man, and of our own and our neighbour’s good name, especially in witness- bearing.

Q78: What is forbidden in the Ninth Commandment?
A78: The Ninth Commandment forbiddeth whatsoever is prejudical to truth, or injurious to our own or our neighbour’s good name.


So, in our day what does this look like? What is witness-bearing?

The One Perfect Beautiful Pure Unconditional Love I Wanted…


I would assume every new mother feels this way. [Look at my title]

We want a beautiful baby that we created to be perfect, healthy, to love us and adore us, to fill the hole in our hearts where love hasn’t flown yet.

We imagine all the ways our baby will different from the rest, the color of his eyes, the job he will get, the wife he will marry, the sports he will play, the talents he will definitely have [because he was born of our womb, of course]

He will be brilliant, cure cancer, go on mission trips, make lots of money,  give us tons of equally beautiful and talented grand-kids who will adore us and who we will get to spoil endlessly.

We may have screwed up our lives thus far and want this tiny little human to be the one good and wise and perfect thing we have created.

Well, hate to slam you back to reality but since my good friend Kay [not her real name] did it to me, I am going to pass on the favor.

Starts out by a having a lovely conversation about how I feel guilty over ‘contributing’ to my sons particular sins.

Kay says ‘did God open your womb knowing you are a sinner?’


Kay: ‘does God know you and your baby daddy are sinners?’

me: yes

Kay: ‘are all humans born sinners?’

me: yes

Do you see where she going?

Kay: ‘do you think his particular sins are because of your sins?’

me: yes

Kay: ‘If he didn’t have this particular sin and had other sins, would it be your fault?’

me: .yes … I think, because sins have a way of being the same generation after generation, it can be the way they cope with stuff…

Kay: ‘two sinners have a sinner. easy as that. How could you not think he would be a sinner when everyone is born a sinner and everyone sins?’

me: ……………..

Damn it. She is so right. All my lovely sugary sweet thoughts shot all to hell.

1 sinner + 1 sinner = baby sinner.

How could I have thought any different?


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Nothing like old good fashioned 21st century idol worship. WWPS?


{this was written a while ago, can’t seem to find anymore words to add, so here it is}

So, again I write a status update that people didn’t like. I knew it would ruffle feathers> I knew its a bit ‘over the top’ but I a felt like saying it.

Nothing like old good fashioned 21st century idol worship. WWPS?

Just that, on the day the Seahawks have a parade in their honor. Oh yeah, I could go on and on about the parallels of romans/greek/ephesian etc. idol worship compared to todays idol worshipping with sports, TV, money, self…anything that turns our thoughts away from the one true God.

Every fallen culture has its idols, and we must be particularly sensitive to what the world is calling us to worship in place of the one true God. Neither sex nor power nor fame nor anything else deserves primacy in our lives, for none of these things is transcendent—none is the Lord and Creator of all.

Idolatry is a pejorative term for the worship of an idol or a physical object such as a cult image as a god, or practices believed to verge on worship, such as giving honour and regard to created forms.


here is a little study on modern-day idolatry:

Modern Day Idolatry

Idolatry is not just an ancient problem. It is also a modern-day problem. What is the very last verse in the book of 1 John? ________________________________________________________________

What is an idol? An idol is a false god. It is something that takes the place of the true god. An idol is ANYTHING that is given the worship, honor and devotion that only God should get.

What is the first of the Ten Commandments found in Exodus chapter 20? __________________________________________________________________________

An IDOL is anything that we put BEFORE GOD.

What is the GREATEST COMMANDMENT OF ALL (Matthew 22:36-37)?  ______________________________________________________________________________
An IDOL is anything that is loved more than God. The LORD God demands my SUPREME DEVOTION. He must be my FIRST LOVE.

Thus an IDOL is any substitute for God, anything that takes the place of God in my life, anything that occupies the place in my heart which should be reserved for God alone.

One example of modern day idolatry is found in Colossians 3:5–“C______________________ which is IDOLATRY.” This happens when material things or even the DESIRE for material things takes the place of God, and my love for things becomes greater than my love for Christ. For example, printed on our dollar bills are the words “IN GOD WE TRUST.” Sadly, many people do not trust God but trust the dollar bill instead. Many people depend upon the dollar bill to bring them happiness and blessings and all that they need. They have made an idol out of money.

When a person is saved, what does he turn from (1 Thess. 1:9)? __________ Whom does he turn to (1 Thess. 1:9)? _______

What does God tell us to do about idolatry according to 1 Corinthians 10:14? ________________________________  According to 1 John 5:21? ________________________________  According to Genesis 35:2? _____________________________________ (GET RID OF THEM!)

If I find an idol in my life, I must UTTERLY DESTROY IT, WIPE IT OUT, CUT IT DOWN AND GET RID OF IT! See 2 Kings 18:4 and Exodus 32:20 for examples of this in the Bible.

What are the gods and idols of today? What false things do people worship today? Can pleasure be an idol? Can another person (boyfriend, girlfriend) be an idol? Can rock music be an idol? Can money (and making money) become an idol? Can sports become an idol? Can a hobby become an idol? Can TV become an idol?  What else can be an idol?

How can I tell if something is an idol?

Here’s a test you can take:

  1. Can I do without it? Can I be happy without it?
  2. Has it become too important in my life? Is it taking up too much of my time?
  3. Is it taking me away from important things such as reading the Bible, prayer, serving others, etc.
  4. What am I depending upon for happiness? What am I looking to for help and guidance?

Finally, read Philippians 1:21. “For to me to live is _____________.” How would you fill in this blank if you were really honest about yourself and your life? Whatever you put in this blank is an IDOL, unless you put the same word that Paul put:  “CHRIST”!


idol·a·try noun \-trē\
: the worship of a picture or object as a god
plural idol·a·tries

Full Definition of IDOLATRY

: the worship of a physical object as a god
: immoderate attachment or devotion to something
See idolatry defined for English-language learners »
See idolatry defined for kids »
Examples of IDOLATRY

<her idolatry of her favorite rock star is one step removed from stalking>
Origin of IDOLATRY

Middle English ydolatrie, from Anglo-French, from Medieval Latin idolatria, alteration of Late Latin idololatria, from Greek eidōlolatreia, from eidōlon idol + -latreia -latry
First Known Use: 13th century
Related to IDOLATRY

adulation, deification, hero worship, worship, idolization, worshipping (also worshiping)