3 Book Reviews ~ A Weird Variety




Does it matter? My husband and I have already paid for our deaths. Nice thought, eh?

Well, we didn’t want it to be a burden to our boys. We have decided to be cremated. Not quite sure what to do with the ashy remains yet, but maybe the boys can decide that.

I have read the pros and cons of this debate and think its a bit weak on the burial side. I know what has been done in iniquity but I also know God can raise up anyone of His Elect when He returns no matter how they die or were laid to rest. I’m pretty sure this isn’t a hill He wants us to die on defending.

Is burial MORE pleasing to God? I don’t know. I do know that it won’t matter in heaven.


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No, God isn’t anti-gay. God is anti-sin. This was a great little book defining, again, the verses of the old and new testament, “the clobber verses” about homosexuality. Written in an easy to understand and kind way, it made me come back to realize how I am to look at this ‘situation’. I might have to read this again and again.


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A friend of mine suggested this book, so I grabbed it. It is in book study form with questions at the end of each chapter and a bonus chapter for church leaders.

If you have never been a victim or a perpetrator of church gossip you may not think this too much of a problem. But I have been in gossips devastating path and it wounds.

We tend to overlook the respectable sins [also a book by  Jerry Bridges] [a mighty good read, also]

but these cut just as deep as the ‘big sins’. Most of the book is common sense, but even in the christian arena/church, people tend to lack common sense.

It’s a book to think about maybe doing a  small group study from, or to read yourself, just to remind yourself if you have been impacted by gossip or have done the gossiping… maybe apologizing to someone is in order.


There are my not-so-amazing book reviews. As you can tell my reading material is pretty eclectic. Some many books still to read.

Love ya, The Home Engineer

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