Interview, Survey, Blog Post and Feelings


It occurred to me at twenty-one, at the bottom of my sadness, in this soul-screaming state, that I had nothing left to lose. So I went home. I crawled into bed with my mom. Cried for several minutes. And then, bitterly slow, I said it- out loud. For the first time. I am gay.

Releasing those words into the air set us off on a journey. One that led us into shadowed settings. Turned us against each another. tied us tighter than we’ve ever been before. And, in the end, led us forward, into the brilliant light of that life-saving thing called grace.

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My husband and i did a survey and interview for the Marin Foundation based on us being christian parents of a LBGT child.

It was interesting, hard and hopefully will help the next parent that needs resources to help them through a very tough time, just as the child is having a tough time, when they come out.

During the interview I had stated that the left coast was very very sparse in support group for this little niche of people and was offered two emails of women who have a support group in a nearby city.  In the beginning I prayed for and couldn’t find such a group, but now, I’m being hesitant to email them, don’t know why.

This is all I got today. Thanks for listening

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