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No Man Hath Hoped in Him in Vain


Heard this at church this morning:

Really needed to hear it.

Waiting and hoping ever attend the same thing.  No man will wait for something he doesn’t hope for, and he who has hope will always wait.  He doesn’t stop waiting until he stops hoping….What encourages sailors against waves of the sea, and evil weather, but hope of better times?  What comforts a sick man in time of sickness, but hope of health? Or a poor man in times of distress, but hope of riches? Or a prisoner, but hope of liberty? Or a banished man, but hope to come home?  All these hopes may fail, as often times wanting a warrant.

Even though a physician may encourage a sick man by his fair words, yet he cannot give him assurance of his recovery, for his health depends on God; friends may promise poor men relief, but all men are liars, only God is faithful who has promised.  Therefore, let us fix our faith on God, and our hope in God; for he will stand by his promise.  No man hath hoped in him in vain, neither was ever any disappointed in his hope.

Spurgeon continues by saying that God himself in his glorious nature, is the ultimate object where our faith is placed.  The promise, simply considered, is not the object of trust, but God in the promise; and from the consideration of that we ascend to the Deity, and cast our anchor there.