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God could have picked any story to be His story


God could have picked any story to be His story.

Why did He pick and choose other pre-christian myths


did early christians write the bible just to be like everyone else, or to appease the mixed religions of the new christians or to give allegories that the people of the time would understand?

Why wouldn’t God make His story something different, something amazingly- god-like.

I don’t know, seem fishy to me.

Part of the reason I dislike holidays, they really were pagan rituals/holidays adapted by the early church because they didn’t want to give up the rituals.

Why would smart people who know history and theology still celebrate Christ’s birth on Dec 25th?

I take the bible take literal and if I find out the bible isn’t God inspired or man has sullied it too much, then what does one believe?

What else do we know of Jesus as deity, but from the bible?

What other epistles/letters/books talk about Him?

What other writer during that time talked about Him? Josephus?