Mobs of White Men….


This is one of my controversial posts:

It all started with a comment on a friends FB story about the first woman’s marathon runner and how some of the men in the group wanted her out.   You can see the white older man pushing her out of the race. I made the comment that in almost every case of discrimination, white men were the perpetrators.

There is always one lady who gets up in arms about a comment and stated that her husband is white and is the most loving, kindest, gentlest man she know, yada yada…. Didn’t even pertain to the post or comment.

Anyway, my friend didn’t say anything to defend my comment, so I let it go, but it got me thinking, who does the most discrimination now and throughout history?

Mobs of white men, or even to be more concise, mobs of white theistic men.

So I threw the question out there for people to tell me who they thought was the worst group of discriminators in history….

Well, of course, now I can’t find the conversations, but the majority of people threw out the obvious ones:

germans vs jews

white against black

catholic church vs heretics

south africans [white] vs south africans [black]

white men against women

white settlers vs indians/natives [in any country]

Someone mentioned that the asians are the worst to discriminate against their own kind.

Mind you, it’s not one or two white people ganging up on the less fortunate, it’s when lots of white men get together and decide they need to eradicate another group of folks.

Any comments? Am I way off course here?

About Kristina

54 year old Christian lady, knitter, crafter, church admin, thrill seeker (only when shopping at thrift stores for tremendous bargains) my 4 dogs and my pigs servant, a child of God, saved, redeemed and trying to be joyful in a fallen world.

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