Different Foundations


Been a while, eh?

I’ve been busy moving and I also did something that freed me. Literally. I have a RSS reader that was full of SSA blogs. i deleted all but one. Not focusing all the subject ALL THE TIME helps my brain.

I have friends who send me blogs and videos from time to time and i keep up on the headlines and post some things on my facebook.

My stance has been pro and con same sex marriage can’t even debate because they are built from a different foundation.

con gay marriage is built from the bible saying it is a sin.

pro gay marriage is built from the foundation of civil rights and equality.

These two opposing forces will never agree. never.

Dan Savage ran his mouth at a seattle conference recently.

Brian Brown is a big mouth that spouts alot.

These two came tog. to debate.

I will have to say Dan Savage won this one. He was clear, articulate, well versed and the other one…… not so much. And spittle was coming from his mouth, gross.

couple other links came from watching this debate:

here john shores blog

here whenicameout.com

and here  straight spouse network [this one should be good]

That is all for now. Just trying to focus on the good things and let God take care of it all.

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  1. good to see you on my wordpress feed this morning! there was a nugget of wisdom tucked in your post that jumped out @ me… (what we focus on DOES directly affect how we feel) Looking forward to seeing you all later this Fall,. DM

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