Musings on…..Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage in the Bible


Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage in the Bible

Back of the book:

”If the church is going to use the Bible to decide whether divorce is legitimate in certain cases and whether divorced couples have the right to remarry with the approval and blessing of God’s people, then the Bible must be studied without prejudice toward a particular answer. The author examines the relevant passages in both the Old and New Testaments so that his readers can consider the many issues and interpretations that arise in trying to establish a consistently biblical position. As a result, readers can see more clearly and accept more firmly the truth of Scripture. The book succeeds at being exactly what the author wanted it to be: ‘a comprehensive, lucid, accurate study presented in a readable and practical style. . . .’ It is a valuable resource for the pastor, counselor, church leader, and others who are struggling to understand and apply scriptural principles to the problems of divorce and remarriage.”

This book was amazing. Really. It set me straight on a few things and made it clear to me what God desired of marriage, what Jesus said and meant about divorce and when someone can remarry.

My husband was married before [I have not been], so I immediately skipped to the divorce section. I thought God thought one was always married to their first wife in His eyes. Wrong.

Basically this is what I got out of the divorce section: Ya can’t get divorced unless someone is unfaithful and then it’s not mandatory, reconciliation is better.

If there is no infidelity then the one who wants the divorce and will not repent and work on marriage, gets schooled, I mean counseled and if still unrepentant then they are to be considered an unbeliever and excommunicated. Then if the non-believer does not want to stay in the marriage, the christian is free to divorce with no penalty.

Sound complicated? If you are a christian and long to know what God desires of your relationship with your spouse, READ THIS!!

Love and stuff, Kristina

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  1. Jay Adam’s and his style of biblical counseling (Nouthetic) is what took me to New Jersey so many moons ago. I read one of his first books and was hooked.

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