Who Should a Christian Vote For?


At the Ligonier Conference I attended RC Sproul was asked who he would vote for…

Psalm 14:34

Righteousness exalts a nation,
but sin condemns any people.

He said, and I am just repeating this from memory, that he would vote for the man with policies that line up with biblical policies.

the federal government claimed independence from God a long time ago

he would vote for someone who DOES not support abortion

He would vote for someone who believes in family


-pro life

-help for good

-punishment for bad

but it’s always been wealth VS morals


so who should a Christian vote for? Many of my friends and family get highly outraged at the fact I don’t vote. I have yet to see someone with biblical morals vying for a political position, so I don’t vote for them.

I do not complain about who gets elected, it is all pretty much just a piece of sand on the shore in regards to how it is, how long they re elected for, and what they do.

If we believe God is in charge, then He gets elected who He wants elected and either guides him or doesn’t.

Since the federal government longed to be out of grasp of God and declared themselves independent, I’m sure by now God has granted that, and by the looks of our government and the people elected to the offices…..

All this to say….how do you make your decisions at the polls?

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  1. Dietrick Bonhoffer (sp?) was a born again pastor living in Nazi Germany leading up and into WWII. I’ve read enough of his story to know he wrestled with how God would have him integrate his faith and the political arena. He came to the place (I believe) where not only was he politically active but was part of a group of people who were trying to have Hitler killed. on a sort of related note, I know if I lived in the Sudan today, I would be packing and I’m not talking packing a picnic basket

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