Doctrine of Grace or Doctrine of Election?


Safe in the Arms of Jesus by  MacArthur

The Death and Salvation of Infants
By Nicola Migliacci  HERE [which I will be buying both of these books]

Links for Coventant Succession and such:

[pastor from our town]

Those who divide infants into the elect and non-elect seek to affirm the clear and undeniable doctrine of divine election. The Bible teaches that God elects persons to salvation from eternity, and that our salvation is all of grace. At first glance, this position appears impregnable in relation to the issue of infant salvation – a simple statement of the obvious. A second glance, however, reveals a significant evasion. What if all who die in infancy are among the elect? Do we have a biblical basis for believing that all persons who die in infancy are among the elect? { I am of this camp right now}

from here.

The following is an epitaph inscribed on a stone which covers the grave of four infants:

Bold Infidelity! turn pale and die;
Beneath this stone, four infants’ ashes lie;
Say, are they lost or saved?
If death’s by sin, they sinned; because they’re here;
Reason, ah! how depraved!
Revere the sacred page, the knot’s untied;
They died, for Adam sinned—they live, for Jesus died!


Just as a disclaimer, I HAVE NOT read most of these, but I’m very interested in what they have to say.

My pastor believes in the covenant succession doctrine or grace doctrine, but I’m on the fence. You’d think I would be for it, especially since I have babies ‘in heaven’.

Much Love, The Home Engineer

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