This is Why My Brain is Fried ~ Attended a Great Conference


I attended the Ligonier conference this past weekend and took 800 pages of notes to remind me to look stuff up that the speakers mentioned. So, for the past 2 nights, this is what I have been doing…

[some other topics will get their own post]

Monarchianism (also known as monarchism) refers to a heretical body of Christian beliefs that emphasize the indivisibility of God (the Father) at the expense of the other persons of the Trinity. Their name came from their defense of the “Monarchy” (ultimate rulership/unity) of God, which was expounded in a reaction against the Logos theology of Justin Martyr and the apologists, who had spoken of Jesus as a second god. Indeed, some of the earliest Monarchists were called Alogi (a (prefix) + logoi) because they were opposed the seemingly Platonic doctrine of the Logos expounded by the BiblicalGospel of John and later Hellenistic apologists. In a similar manner, many also adopted these teaching in response to the Arian heresy, which they saw as limiting Christ’s divinity.[1]

Many theological explanations of the relationship between the Father and the Son were proposed in the second century, but later rejected as heretical by the Church when the doctrine of the Trinity was formally canonized at the First Council of Constantinople, where it was decided that God was one being(homoousious) who consisted of three persons: Heavenly Father, Resurrected Son, and Holy Spirit.[2]

There are two primary understandings of Monarchianism:

  • Adoptionism (or Dynamic Monarchianism) holds that God is one wholly indivisible being, and reconciles the “problem” of the Trinity (or at least the problem of Jesus’ humanity) by holding that the Resurrected Son was not co-eternal with the Heavenly Father, and that Jesus Christ was adopted by the Father (that is, granted the status of divinity) in order to allow him to participate in the Divine Plan. Different versions of Adoptionism hold that Jesuswas “adopted” either at the time of his baptism or ascension. An early exponent of this belief was Theodotus of Byzantium. This doctrine is a theologically complex form of docetism, a schismatic movement who argued that Jesus was a human who was “possessed” by a spiritual entity.
  • Modalism (or Modalistic Monarchianism) considers God to be a single, undifferentiated Divine Person who interacts with the mortal world via three different “modes:” Heavenly Father, Resurrected Son, and Holy Spirit. The chief proponent of this type of monarchianism was Sabellius, whose influence was so great that it that the doctrine is often also called Sabellianism


Practical Atheism here

is there such thing as Practical, intelligent and religious atheists?


The Council of Trent 6th session, doctrine of justification here


evangelicals and catholics together document here


Treasury of Merits here


Ask someone, are you a protestant? What are you protesting?

Learned the catholic way to be saved by grace and the protestant way. Like the protestant way much better.


Heard the words Lordship Salvation again. see articles here, here two views here


Natural theology;



so I think i heard RC right when he said he believed in the premillennialism view of Romans 11, what that means, I don’t know yet.

and even tho i should have already figured this out, the OT clothes for Adam covered his sin, the NT white robes [Christs righteousness] covers our sins.


Psssshhh, and you think all I do is pick up dog poop

Books acquired:

uprooting anger

atheism remix

pillars of grace


one or two

cults and the occult

mark commentary

when shall these things be?

the secret of contentment

note to self

does grace grow best in winter

some day I will write a horribly inadequate book review for them all.

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