I Would Rather Be Old and Wise than Young and Dumb….


100 real tweets from homophobics

As I read this from this list, I see most of the ‘tweeters’ are young. Young and dumb.

Devastatingly dumb.  Ignorant and selfish and sin-filled.

Little do they know how their hearts and minds will change when they finally have children [and I must say, most of them probably shouldn’t]

How they will come to the end of themselves to love that little bundle of blessing bestowed on them.

How everything they thought, said and did in their youth will change, will disappear, will be challenged.

How life becomes so much more.

How they will never ever remember a day without their child and will never want to remember a child-less day.

Lord, how I pray each and every one of the ‘tweeters’ have children and love them unconditionally, eternally and wisely.

My birthday was last week, my son’s  is  Friday, he is 19. How I love and cherish that boy. How I miss our times together, our crazy and silly conversations throughout the day/week.

I’m proud of him and want nothing but a good/happy future for him. But more than that, I want him to come back to his Lord.

We were all out to dinner tonight with big brother and gf and son and James and hubby and I talking about all the crazy stuff the boys did when they were little.

I really do not want to remember the days before Jesse!

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