I Think I Found a Keeper ;)


Been a while, eh?

I’ve had the dreaded bronchitis for 2 weeks now. Boy moved out, office is looking like a real office, business is good. Liking my hours and my clients very much. Jonesing to get on the motorcycle, I smell spring in the air, maybe its just the freshly cut grass my hubby just did…

Been wavering in and out of the scriptures, choosing to listen to my bible CD’s in the car. I really need to get back into a bible study. Been skipping church when the guys were out-of-town. I guess we all go thru times of losing faith in fellow-man and man-made rules, but I never lose faith in my creator. I know He is there, watching me, holding the hood of sweatshirt, so I don’t fly away.

I quit doing a few secretarial things at church, my heart just wasn’t in it and I am hoping someone younger, more tech savvy and energized to do it will take over.

I still really wish we didn’t have to go thru trials in life, but it makes us stronger, or weaker, depending on His strength all the more.

I thought that having the kid move out would make things settle down a bit and in a way they have. I’m not so stressed out about him all the time, but God has decided to throw a couple little curve balls at me, possibly to divert my attention elsewhere.

Hubby went to doctor, but thankfully he was ok. I’m glad he finally went and I guess it just takes a little scare to get your act together.

I had to find a new doc and she has been hounding me to get off my estrogen because of breast cancer risks. Quite frankly it scares the crap outta me, I don’t want to have no energy, have sweats and have my bones get weak.

I’m not quite sure how to figure this one, but she was in the process of a breast check at my physical the other day and found a lump.

Part of me wants to believe she is just trying to scare me to get off the HRT and part of me knows it’s a real threat and possibility.

So off I go to have a diagnostic mammogram on my birthday of all days. Yeah for me.

I not worried about it, yet. And I have talked to hubby about what I want to happen at any and all outcomes.

We never really know what we sign up for when we say our “I-do’s” do we?

We never truly understand the sickness and in health…. or in wealth or poorness.

That man has had to put up with so much stuff from me. Don’t know how he does it and still tells me he loves me.



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