I am NOT a Vegan…Unfortunately


I really really try to be. But alas, animal products and animal by-products permeate everything we eat, see, touch and wear.

Ice Breakers Ice Cubes gum has gelatin in it.

My specially made foot inserts are made of leather.

My Vitamin B3 is made from lanolin, the oil from sheep wool.

My work/tenny shoes have bits of leather in them.

That 5 hour energy drink my hubby made me drink last night is full of animal by-products.

Anything we eat that is processed contains [mostly] dairy.

Anything that is cooked on a restaurant griddle uses butter.

Even the ‘vegan’ cheese has casein in it.

Glossy candy is coated with shellac from the Lac beetle and anything colored red is made from bugs and silk from worms.

Not to mention all the things with honey, lactose and butter fat.


All long as world eats animals, there will be plenty of by-products left to add into anything and everything.

So for now I stake my claim in vegetarianism.

I’m healthier, happier, my fingernails and hair grow fast and come in thicker. [hey, without that so-called dairy calcium!!]

Eat less meat. It does a body good.

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