Musings on…. Homosexuality in History


by Colin Spencer

Homosexuality in History

My son was reading this book for one of his college classes and I snatched it up and read it.

Some notes while I read…

~ never seen a godless interpretation of christianity before.

~ lots of may be’s  and  could be’s

~ What a male grows up with he learns and continues [initiation rites]

~ women are treated lesser than

~ not buying ‘what happened before the giving of the law is null and void’ thing

~ passive homosexuality is one element agreed upon as ‘bad’ [the one on the bottom]

~ still don’t think it was norm

~ notice who did the writing… poets, very highly artistic people, coincidence of gay/artistic combo

~ a lot of subjection on the authors part

~ Calvinism fuels modern homophobia. Did you read that last note? Yeah…..


Homosexuality has been a part of history  for as long as history existed.

Initiation rites were ‘probably’ the start of it. Semen was considered sacred and used as a life-force. Older males would take young boys and nurture, teach and ‘give’ them the life-force to make the boy strong and virile when an adult.

In turn, when the boys were adults, they took wives, had children and [mostly as an uncle] would take for themselves a young boy to ‘nurture’.

Greek, Egyptian and Roman times, even in Europe in 1800’s, married men would take a young boy, pay for his school, teach him manners, etc and have sex with them. Turn them loose when of age… and the cycle starts all over again.

Women were for procreation, kept in the background [cooking, cleaning, having babies] Men didn’t get married until later in life when they had established a job/house/money, so having sex with female and male prostitutes were the norm. Because god only knows, men can’t/don’t have enough self-control to wait until they are married to have sex.

And society didn’t expect them too, either.

Fighting/army men, Celts, military was breeding ground [no pun intended] for same-sex loving. In the absence of women, men seem to find no problem finding a hole …

Since the establishment of the church, homophobic catholics/christians tried to kill the same-sex loving for it was forbidden in the bible, which was Gods word.

My mouth fell open when I read the author stating that Calvinism [not the reformation] was the start of homophobia and condemning of same-sex loving.

After I processed it, it does make sense. If the reformation brought people the bible and to Gods word and Gods word says same-sex loving is against Gods ‘law’, then of course the believing people would throw up the rainbow flag as a warning to ‘fornicators.’

Also, if the boy who was the passive partner in the old man/young boy relationship, did not stop being the passive when older, then he was in a heap o trouble.

Being a ‘passive’ as an adult was bad, was frowned upon and also persecuted.

Laws have been passed since the beginning of the church age to kill, gaol or torture passive homosexuals. Now, the follow thru on those laws have been lax, in any given century.

Men dressing as women, assuming the role of passive, painting faces, garish costumes and prostitution was made fun of, but didn’t stop the local from ‘visiting’ them.

Needless to say, regardless of whether you believe in the Almighty God, homosexuality has been around forever and

Paul, the apostle DID know what it was, he may not have coined the word, homosexual, but he knew, and he also knew Christians were to be set apart from the sodomizing pagans of the culture surrounding them.

If all that said, the book was good,[I think the author was biased and added a bit too much of his own subjection] probably could find more info. on the web if wanted, I did see a couple websites on the history when I was looking up some artists who were supposedly gay.

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