Musings on ….. The Green Pharmacy


Green Pharmacy, guide to healing foods, proven natural remedies

I just read this book, pretty good.

He explains how foods heal and food as medicine. He explains his Duke’s Dozen healing foods then goes into greater detail on about 80 different conditions or diseases and which food will help.

The top 12 foods he recommends are:

beans, bulbs, caffeinators, celery, cinnamon, citrus fruits, ginger, mints, peppers, pomegranates, turmeric, walnuts.

Thankfully I eat lots of most of these. Could do better.

I find that if I don’t review a book right after I read it, I forget all the good stuff, mostly because I’m onto another good book.

If you are interested in learning more about foods that heal, you can borrow the book. 🙂

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