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Musings on…..Lice


Yeah, well, umm, I had lice.

Awful, awful lice.

I had my new baby dreadies started for about a month and started itching something fierce, thought it was because of the dreads but no.

I would scratch my head and my fingernails would come back black  with ‘stuff’ underneath them.

I even showed my friend Tonya because I thought it was dirt from not getting my hair clean…. ~horrors~

Next day, I plucked a few bugs out and almost drove off the road whilst one crawled up my finger. Disgusting.

I didn’t think clean freaks like me got lice.  Or people not around many children or in public school……

I think it might be someones way of telling me to not have dreads? 😦

Frantic and near tears, I stripped the bedrooms of everything that could be washed, dragged my humiliated self to the store and bought a lice kit, 2 lice kits, actually.

When I got everything washable downstairs and sprayed the unmove-ables, I threw all the pillows out in the driveway and called hubby to get me another pillow.

Finally, when I calmed down, the brain kicked into research mode and I went online to find out about these little buggers.

Came across a site that had home-made remedies for treatment of lice:

Go there. Seriously. I hadn’t even thought of the nasty crap I was putting in my hair, skin and pores, toxic pesticides that was probably tested on animals. I vowed to get rid of them naturally.

Oh yeah, I combed my baby dreads out…. so very sad.

The key is get the eggs combed out, can’t do that with a knotty head.

The next day I covered head in Listerine, vinegar and  then coconut conditioner. Combed and combed and combed. {and I did have to drag my humiliated self back to the store to buy supplies}

Next day made a concoction of vinegar, dawn dish soap and tea tree oil shampoo and washed with it, then used T-Gel conditioner and combed, combed, combed.

by 4th day was still combing dead little buggers out but I never did see any eggs.  My head felt water-logged and my ears sloshed from all the water and stuff being poured on my head. Never once did I think about these ‘homemade’ chemicals making my hair fall out,  altho I secretly wished it would fall out, so I could shave it and start over 🙂



I posted on facebook telling everyone I was bringing sexy back. and by sexy I meant a head full of dried on Cetaphil.

On the 7th day I had hubby check my head and he didn’t see anything.

Still itches but I think it’s from the chemicals and the bites from the bugs. Yes, they bite, yes, they suck your blood. They don’t jump or fly.

Hubby and son did not get them, THANK YOU GOD!!

So next week I will do the Cetaphil thing again… just to make sure. And I will make my friends at church check my head again, because… what are friends for?