Musings on…… Separating Love from Tasks


I woke up this morning with this on my heart after spending time at the Yakama Indian Reservation last week.

I saw people loving on kids & grown-ups without regard to how hot it was, how tired they were and how emotional it all was.

I saw young and old people [my age and older] sweating up a storm giving kids piggy backs rides for more than an hour in 90 degree heat.

I saw one guy carry a heavy-set tween on his back, irregardless of his own infirmities.

I saw women working their butts off making us meals, because we, in turn, LOVED [by doing tasks] on the natives.

I saw people,  every shape, size and age get on roofs, ladders, snake-filled fields, over-coming phobias…. just to LOVE on our ‘first neighbors’.

We took to our tasks, from cleaning bathrooms in the church we stayed in, to removing a filthy smelly barrel, to paint a house ripe with wasps, with love in our hearts for these people we didn’t even know the week before.

We all stretched ourselves in ways maybe we didn’t think we could. Love was in the air. Real love, merciful compassion.

I saw teens who never once [in my knowledge] complained about the work they were doing, they were much better than the adults about the whole thing 😉


Back to prime time…. I was thinking about how a young woman was by my side furiously cleaning the bathrooms, and doing a thorough job I might add. She said she was lazy when it came to cleaning her own house, but loved to clean other people’s houses.

The comment stuck me as odd. Not that I hadn’t heard that sentiment before from various women.

But I couldn’t quite lay a finger on why.


I know guys who works all day for their families, hard at work, but come home with nothing left to give them [emotionally or physically]. Has a hard time doing any household things around the house. Yard work, etc. Does it begrudgingly,  without joy, or sometimes with an expectancy of something in return.


So, laying in bed with a dog butt curled up around my face, it hit me.

These people [and many others-including myself]  see their tasks WITHOUT love.

We, on the reservation, worked hard as hell for people we did not know, loved on kids we did not know, yet LOVED on them, but we can not for the life of us do it the people we are supposed to LOVE THE MOST!

We don’t clean the house begrudgingly because its dirty, we clean the house because we want to make sure the people we LOVE in the house are in a clean house.

We also want to set an example for our children, who we LOVE, to be able to do the same thing, with the same frame of mind, when they grow up and have people they LOVE.

We don’t take time out of a day to help others because of guilt, but because we LOVE them.

We take care of the yard, so the people we LOVE have a nice yard to play in.

We take care of the animals we adopt, work for and buy, because we LOVE them and also for example.

All this is biblical, but I’m too lazy to look up the verses. But we LOVE  first and do because we are LOVED.

We are LOVED by God, so we are saved by His son.

We are saved by Jesus’ death on a cross because He LOVED us.

We are made in His image to LOVE, to do good works, because we are thankful and LOVE the Lord.

How can we rightly LOVE on people we just met, but not LOVE on the ones closest to us?

Works can not be separated from LOVE.

We WERE dead in sin and trespasses [and works] but are made alive in Christ, to do good works, to LOVE and humbly walk with Christ.

Good works=LOVE, flowing out of a great gratitude of the LOVE of the Savior given to each of us.

That is all. I LOVE you!!

About Kristina

54 year old Christian lady, knitter, crafter, church admin, thrill seeker (only when shopping at thrift stores for tremendous bargains) my 4 dogs and my pigs servant, a child of God, saved, redeemed and trying to be joyful in a fallen world.

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  1. You are amazing! Your insight is right on! It is easier to love those who are not so close to us! It was amazing seeing God work in all of us! Love you too!!

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