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Just got done watching Our America with Lisa Ling, the long-awaited much debated episode Pray the Gay Away?

It was good. Both sides were portrayed and it was fair to both sides.

Even tho Lisa Ling has many gay friends, she seems interested in being non-biased [at least on camera] and genuinely intrigued by her interviewees.

Here is the link to the full episode.

Here is another link to the Gayle King show with Lisa and commentors …I did not watch that, I’m afraid. Got about 5 minutes into it and got irritated with Gayle.

One thing that stood out to me was people using a common catchphrase…..

“it’s not His [Gods] plan for me” [about being gay]

But what exactly do they think the plan that God has for them?

Maybe it is the plan, to show His glory by being a testament to how they respond to getting the gift of being gay.

Everyone automatically assumes that God has this marvelous life for them which includes wife/hubby, kids, nice job, house, dog, car, etc.

That they deserve to have this wonderful life because somehow they read it in the bible where God states that very thing.

No, He does not. Most of the time He states quite the opposite, we will have trials, we will lose family and things, we may even lose what takes our focus off Him.

We may lose our cars, our house, our children, our legs or our sight.

BUT if we lose any or all of those things, our focus should still be on God and be grateful for the remnant He has left us.

Job is no isolated case, people.

Look around, if you attend a church with neatly dressed, highly respected, nicely driven people, you are not in His church.

If you are in a church with broken, destitute, handicapped, divorced perhaps even ugly people, you have found your home.

OK, back on track, I came up with more questions than answers:

I am wondering how people can think it is their ‘God given’ right to have sex. How is it we earn sex/love from the Holy One?

How is it that Westboro is not picketing an alcoholics funeral or a drug addicts funeral? or even a porn stars funeral?

How is it that when the word love get thrown into the mix people get all crazy about sin?

Please take my ‘rantings/reviews’ with the underlying knowledge that I deem homosexuality a sin, just like addiction, fornication, adultery, drunkenness and everything else the bible and God deems a sin. One is not more hideous than another and I personally have no idea who is going to heaven.

How is it that addiction can be called a disease but roaming the streets in the middle of the night for a fix of quick anonymous gay or straight sex isn’t?!?!?!

How is it that people want so bad to find a gay gene or even an addiction gene? To maybe put the blame on something else besides our own selves?

Side-note: I blamed everyone else for my alcohol ‘disease’. Oh poor pitiful me whined about how hard my life was and how my hubby made me miserable and oh, it makes me sick to think about it. No one caused me to drink, no one caused me to deal with my problems by drinking. [and to add to that, no one made me sleep with dozens of men or kill 4 of my babies]

It comes [almost] right down to that. People have problems, people do not know how to deal with said problems, so people escape their problems with…oh let’s say… drugs, drink, sex with men or women, anything to give that high and feeling of  I don’t give a s**t about any problems right now!

How is resisting sex any different from resisting drink, cigs, or drugs? Because God made you desire it?

Don’t get me wrong, God likes sex, He mandates, He instituted it, He likes it… between man and woman in the sanctity of marriage.

How do I  know? For the bible tells me so. [bet you can’t read that last sentence without a sing-song voice :) ]

Is it because same-sex attractions come from the inside, because it’s  a feeling, because it’s not a substance you can hold  in your hand, like a drug?

Back to the God-given right to have sex. If you are one who  believes that God wants us to have and enjoy sex in the sanctity of marriage between man and woman, where does that leave the rest of us?

That would mean gay or straight, you are to resist the temptation to have sex until marriage.

Why are the gays so upset that they might never get to have sex or be in a loving relationship?

Where is the 20 something Christian kid who is trying so damn hard right now, in college, to stay a virgin until he is married, because he wants to honor his God and his future wife?

In the same boat, my friend.

But it’s not fair!

Nope it’s not fair. It’s not fair I can’t put a bottle to my lips every time I desire a speedy getaway from trouble. It’s not fair that God hasn’t taken this temptation of always wanting to drink, or if I can’t drink then its eating. It’s not fair.

Is it fair that God might ask someone to be celibate for the rest of their lives?

Is it fair that God might ask someone to be fine with never being able to hold their own child against their chest?

Is it fair that God might ask someone to live with a debilitating disease for the rest of their very long life?

Nope, not fair. But I do believe the sometimes touted as cliché ‘God only gives us what we can handle’ speech.

I do believe that we can truly be content in our lot in life if it’s in God’s wonderful plan for us.

Attitude, humility and where our focus is … is key.

How is it that gays are so mad at gays [esp. christian gays] who don’t want to be gay? Who don’t want to be in that lifestyle? As one set of minorities don’t want others being bigoted towards them, how can they be the same to others? Seriously, if you want to be gay, cool beans. If you don’t want to be gay, cool beans, but quit picking on each other.

If someone wants to try to be straight, let them. Quit condemning places that try to help those who don’t want to be attracted  to the same-sex.

Don’t blame the people who try to help when someone fails or even kills themselves.

Exodus doesn’t make people kill themselves. AA doesn’t make people kill themselves. Planned Parenthood doesn’t make people kill their own babies.

Reel it back in again, Girl!

Ok, at about 5 minutes into the show Alan Chambers from Exodus says ” I choose to live my life through the filter of Christianity instead of the filter of my sexuality”.

Ok, I love that. But why can’t he have both? I don’t know, ask him. He actually is living life with sexuality… with a woman. Does he still have temptations? Yep. Did God so graciously get those unwanted temptations away? Nope.

Since I don’t believe same-sex attraction is inborn or genetically tied or whatever the PC verbiage is, I can’t debate well with someone who does.

That is the problem with ‘christians and gays’ getting along. We are not standing on the same foundation, we use the same words differently, we talk around each other or just hate each other.

In any and all Christian communities there should be help/support/counseling groups for every type of ‘sin’. For addiction, for post-abortion trauma, domestic violence, for porn/sex addicts, for eating disorders, financial classes. Christians should be ready and able to help people where they are at… Lost, broken, tired, hungry, spent people.

Christians should be there to take them as they as, to show them Godly love, Christs love, bring into the church… to love them and guide them.

We, Christians, do a horrible job at loving our neighbor, we do an even worse job at loving our own…choosing to turn our backs on those whose sins are ‘the unspeakable ones’, yet running home to cuddle our sins in private.

In closing I would like to say I loved the show and recommend you watch it, no matter where you stand on the issue of same-sex attraction.

Also, I would like to say, if you haven’t read this blog before, I am a mother of a son who, at the age of 15, decided to tell us he was gay.

I am a woman whose life has been shattered at the core of her very existence, a Christian who still very much believes in the promises and the words of God and His son The Lord Christ Jesus, a wife whose marriage is being even more tested in this season of life, a mother who worries for the future of her 18-year-old son in this huge world.

I am a woman who knows God will do as He sees fit. I know what he lets my son go through will be for our sons good and Gods greater good. I know as much as I love my son, my God loves him so much more and sees so much more. I know my life, my husband’s life and my son’s life are going to be far different from what we ever realized. And I know I’m not ready for this ride.

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  2. Nice rant. History just repeats itself over and over and over making it so clear that left to our own self there is only eventual destruction. We need and have a Savior. Beautiful, loving, just, jealous, all knowing God, judge and one with God. The speeches and arguments and hatred and defenses, sins and addictions will go on forever. We can pray, be heard, be pummeled, be offended. We can help save others and we will be hurt by others. One day we will be judged by the only one that matters, He knows what is in our hearts. If on your last dying breath you ask for forgiveness and accept Christ as your savior and Jesus knowing what is in your heart you will be saved.
    I love that you read and write and put yourself out there to be heard. It is pouring from your heart, it is allowing hurt out of your mind for so many things. It is trying to make sense of a fallen world. I want you to know I do read your blogs, rants but I do not always know how to respond or sure what to say. Keep writing, you make people think and that I know is good. Talking about God is good. You have put yourself out there and I have your back on that. Love you my wife! Waiting to see Part 3. God bless you Kristina XOXOXOX xoxoxoxx (baby kisses)

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