Musings on … Distractions




….so these have been my distractions as of late.

Taking Phe Phe to obedience class and taking care of her every want and need. Plus, the cats, the other dog and the sick hubby.

dreading up my hair.

and puzzles. well, blogging, Facebook, reading and a bit of knitting mixed in there and bingo! I have totally distracted myself from the dismal existence I live in every single day.

Yes, I am the maker of my day, year, life, destiny. And right now, with the problems in my family, life is pretty bleak.

Maybe I should preface this with, life right this moment is not so bad, but the future of a loved one is looking pretty ugly and I mourn and worry and pray ….. and wait.

Wait on the Lord.

I guess I am getting distracted to keep my sanity. Maybe I need a job. Oh wait, I have not one, but 2!

Notice  no mention of  bible study in there. That’s the key. I need to be in the Word. I should be distracting myself with the eternal Word of the God Almighty.

I should be focusing on the eternal future to come instead of the earthly future my loved one will suffer thru if they stay on that path.

But it all ties together doesn’t it? My loved ones eternal future is at stake and that’s why I fret, mourn and try to be distracted.


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  1. I’m there with you. I am in a crappy spot and I know it’s my lack of Word and I’m just not getting there…I do appreciate your fb postings of the Word and quotes from Godly leaders…I get your updates on my phone and several times a Word has come thru RIGHT when I need it during the day. *hugs*

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