Musings on….. When Was Jesus Born?


I was thinking about this in my usual thinking place. The shower.

I usually read the bible literally, for the most part, unless I know specifically it’s not supposed to be read that way.

And me being the Bah Humbug sort of girl, I would love to find out Jesus really wasn’t born on ‘Christmas’, giving me another good reason not to celebrate the highly-overrated-commercial-cluster that is the holiday.

Yeah, I know, send me coal. I don’t care  🙂

From this site I took this:

Why is it important that we know when Jesus was born? We certainly do not use this knowledge to celebrate His birthday—He tells us to commemorate His death, not His birth (I Corinthians 11:23-26). The true date, however, destroys the entire foundation of the Christmas holiday. It also points to the proper time of His ministry, crucifixion and resurrection, helping to disprove the Good Friday—Easter Sunday tradition also. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, it renews our faith in God’s Word—that it is true, verifiable and historically accurate.

and this:

In addition, we should know even these details so that we can provide common-sense reasons for our beliefs. We live in a world of compromise and confusion—especially in the realm of religion—and thus we must study and follow what is true so we will not be fooled by what is counterfeit. The Christmas season promotes a lie concerning the date of the birth of Jesus Christ. We need to do more than reject the world’s explanation; we need to know, prove and follow what is true.

I can imagine people getting all testy with me even now.

From this site.

From this site.

The only problem I have with the dates are;

 no one mentions the census. yet. [ok, some mention of census but can’t agree on what kind of census]

They are saying the inns were full because of a feast in Jerusalem, not from the census.

Did Jesus get circumcised before or after fleeing to Egypt?

 Luke 2 tells of the purification and Matthew 2 tells of the flight to Egypt.

December was the pagan holiday for the Sun God. Gift giving and festivals were included.

Did the catholic church add Jesus’ birth into a pagan holiday?


Mark Driscoll rambles around it here

From here

I actually like this one, concise, but no scripture references like the first link.

At the Hebrew 4 Christians site this is said.


Augustine of Hippo says…

In necessariis unitas, in dubiis libertas, in omnibus caritas.

So, what do you all think? When WAS Jesus born? and does it really matter………?

If we really don’t care when Jesus was born, or stray away from our convictions of the written Word, how much further will we go to justify other things?

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  1. Celebrate the incarnation–any time you want. It doesn’t matter when it happened. It’s just a day to celebrate it. I know it’s all the trappings that the holiday has evolved into that make it overwhelming, but the fact of God-made-flesh is “our only comfort in life and death.” There are plenty of people out there arguing about inconsequentials. Rejoice in truth and let the silliness take care of itself. Love ya.

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