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‎”You are going to Hell!’ is not THE Good News…..


Some musings from me….

So, after going thru some website, looking to see if anyone else has written about this subject, all I found were quizzes and radical KJV fire and brimstone websites, with plenty of venom for every group different than them with a small hyperlink  to click to pray Jesus into your life at the bottom of the page.

Sad, really.

I have so much swirling around in my brain about this. I have recently come in contact with someone who is of this persuasion. Although, I’m thinking they might be catholic. [not a KJV fundy]

Hmmm, I do realize Jesus spoke about hell, I do realize we should be warned about living a life apart from God,  I do believe it’s a real place, I do believe people who are not Jesus’ will go there


Did Jesus tell us to preach Bad News or the Good news? [The gospel means good news]

Did Jesus tell us to tell people we love ”They are going to hell?”

If we really loved people like Jesus loved us, we would never use those words… Its such a vicious threat.

We would want them to be with Jesus in heaven, we would want them to have a personal relationship with Jesus.. we would them to be with Jesus and us forever.


When has telling someone they are going to hell EVER brought them toward God and His son?

When has telling someone they are going to hell EVER made us a good christian witness?

When has telling your spouse, child, friend even enemy they are going to hell make them love you?

We look stupid, judgmental and crazy if all we tell people is they are going to hell.

How do WE even know who is and who isn’t? Hello!!! We don’t! That’s why we are to preach the good news, the great offer of salvation. To everyone. At all times.

Some stuff explaining hell and scriptures pertaining to its usage…. from herehere, here, here

When Jesus spoke to the Pharisees, leaders, priests of the law, He spoke harshly to them.

When he spoke to anyone else [beggar, blind man, woman at well, disciples and adulteress] How did He do it?

There is a time for warning, a time for exhortation, a time to tell someone they are not walking the right way, there even is actually a time to tell someone they are going to hell, but never without the good news, never without telling them of God’s love for them, never without extending grace and love to them, never without telling them there is another way for them to live.

And never without telling them Jesus dying on the cross saved them from all their sins, then, now and forever.


World Vegetarian Day ~


It’s not Just about Eating/Not Eating Meat

It’s also about….

Too much American and now Mexican land that is literally a big huge shit pile

that is making people sick.

Genetically manufacturing/mutating animals for humans to eat.

Being put on this earth to dominate it, yes, but to destroy it and  human lives in the process, no.

Greedy corporations that own and have power over, well, pretty much everything in America.

Putting manufactured food into our bodies that is not healthy, necessary or even safe.

Allowing the rest of the world to suffer from hunger by..

Using American land and grain for feeding meat.

Having 1 or 2 big corporation run the country lawmakers, media and even        non-profit charities.

It is down right appalling to me that Americans can not look past their plate and their stomachs to see the rest of the world suffering because of our consumption.

It is not just propaganda that we could feed the world if we just stop producing meat for ourselves.

It is ridiculous that we can not sustain our greedy fat stomachs so we move ‘meat production’ into other countries where there is little to no regulation on workers and land.

It is scary to think 1 or 2 huge corporations run, literally, run this country. They control how the government votes, what and how farmers grow, how animals and other people get to live.

It is greed and power, people, pure and simple.

We, as Christians should be ashamed at how we can compartmentalize our ‘charity’, our ‘love’ for others.

How we can not see past our bellies to help others to have simple food to keep them alive. EVEN in our own country.

If we stopped eating meat and processed foods, and looked at how we can feed the world with grain and produce, each and every one of us, we could really make a difference.

I don’t want to speak for God, but really, if we looked past how an animal tastes and saw, really saw, how the animal suffers, how production impacts the animals, the workers and the people who live around the factory farms….. we should weep, God is weeping.

Instead of covering our ears when someone tries to tell about animal and human suffering, try listening with a global perspective.

Instead of whining how we couldn’t go one day without eating meat or at McDonalds, try listening to the doctor when they tell you you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and/or clogged arteries. Try going for a walk! Try taking your meat money and giving to local food pantry.

Even if we feel that animals don’t have a soul and should not be treated humanly … we should at least feel for the people who do not have enough food and can not afford meat or processed crap in a box we eat here.

We serve the poor our throw-aways. We serve the poor by having them work in slaughter houses in foreign countries to feed our fat bellies or slave in sweat shops to clothe us in ridiculously expensive clothes.

Eating meat literally makes people sick, may not make you sick personally, but it is making millions of people sick, from hunger, from heart attacks, from slaughter house accidents and gas emissions.

Now that I am on a roll…. The excess in this country saddens me and disgusts me.

I am buying items for the shoeboxes for the children in other, poor countries.

As I look at websites and see all the plastic toy pvc-filled, cardboard crap we make to satisfy our entertainment, I am overwhelmed. Greed, people. Think of all the food and housing that could go Haiti with the money spent on county fair prize crap.

As we sit on our butts in front of the TV griping because we are cold in our 70 degree fully insulated houses, my little Compassion child, Josue is homeless in Haiti, his parents

having to move because their house was destroyed.

We are not humane. We may kid ourselves we are, but we are not.



characterized by tenderness, compassion, and sympathy for people and animals, esp. for the suffering or distressed.

1. merciful, kind, kindly, kindhearted, tender, compassionate, gentle, sympathetic; benevolent, benignant, charitable. See

1.  brutal.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of adopting a pet can see that the pet loves, lives, breathes and has emotions. They cry when you step on their paws, they wag their tail and lick your face when you come home; they limp in pain when they are old, they shake with fright at loud noise, they bark and growl to protect their homes, and they love and nurture their young.

Pigs, cows and chickens do the same! Rats, bulls, elephants, frogs, monkey, horses and ostriches, too.

Yet, for our own greedy wants and desires, we test on them, we kill them inhumanely, we allow them to suffer for our entertainment [bull fighting, circus, etc], we keep them pregnant for drugs, milk and veal. We discard boy chicks by the thousands in garbage bags because they can not lay eggs.

Now for the Christian perspective; I, for one, do not eat certain foods from any sort of piety or because I think God said for me to just eat veggies. Nor is there any scripture that entitles you or me to judge the other for their own food consumption.

My basic desire to eat better, feel better, to keep the world a better place for animals and humans to live. To live like Jesus told me to live; to love others, to do good deeds, to glorify Him in all that I do.

How do you love others?

Think about that next time you open your box of mac n cheese or fire up the BBQ…….