Daily Archives: September 14, 2010

As the Days Roll By…


Work is kicking my booty. Well, the work itself isn’t but the hours are.

Im working at Operation Christmas Child, offshoot of Samaritans Purse…


Its fun, work is good, get hard enough to keep me inspired, the group of people i work with are amazing.

It’s been 18 years since real full time work and 13 years since any outside the home work.

Whew, I’m tired.

Boy starts school on the 22nd. My senior, my working senior,  he has grown up too dang fast.

His Sandwich artist job is keeping him inspired and tired. His first job and they are working him lots of hours.

It does a mothers heart good to see him being so sweet to the customers and loving what he does.

My poor little car has been sitting in the front, looking very sad and forlorn, i think she is jealous of my bike.

I ran into a curb the other night and flattened the front tire, now as it sits there in the driveway it has a tennis ball size bulge in the back tire. 😦

My bike, what can i say, its a dream come true. I still cant even fathom i’m actually on the bike, riding it down the street. Looking at a store front window and seeing my reflection is just insanely crazy cool.

Ya know how cyclists wave to each other or give the downlow peace sign?

Well, at the beginning i was too scared to take my hand of the clutch so i just gave a head nod.

Now when someone gives me the peace sign, i give it back, all cool and calm-like giggle like a 5 year old!

To me it is so cool and funny, a 44  year old conservative christian tattoed mom with big girl panties riding a bike…. like being in a secret club…..

yes i am wack. It’s ok, i know. and i’m fine with it.

Led a bible study this summer, it was an awesome precepts study on Hebrews 11.

So while Im working im only doing a bible study at church, im missing BSF, they are going thru the book of Isaiah. Jealous!

I missed getting to go to Iowa this Sept. which has really made me sad, but by working i can save my money up to get a spring plane ticket to go.  I plan on staying a week and working my hotel bill off with manual labor. 🙂

My exercising is shot to heck too. Not enough time in the day. Maybe i will lose those pesky 20+ pounds after December 3rd. [thats when my job ends]

Blessings for now, must go to bed early, early to rise.

Oh and this foster pup!!! Oy Vey! Anna Bella hates her. they have fought a few times, serious scraping. Anna put 2 holes in Ophelias ear and was limping a bit.

we started calling Anna ‘Tyson’. then a few days ago, my fault, i threw 1 bones down and they started fighting again, this time Ophelia got a hole in annas mouth and Phe was limpinh.

Don’t quite know what I’m gonna do…need to find a home for her…..