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Musings on…. 7 Laws of Highest Prosperity


Ok, anyone who knows me will cock their head to one side after seeing the title.

Trust me, I did too, after I grabbed the book off the shelf.

The word, prosperity,  has taken on such a negative connotation in the ‘christian’ world.

From the prosperity teachers to equating prosperity with money/wealth.

How much is too much money, how to use your money, what to do if you don’t have money/prosperity, etc.

You get my drift.

Son had to read it for his homeschooling senior class, but now is graduating from Pierce College, so doesn’t need to read it.

So, the other day, I picked it up and read it in 2 nights. Easy read.

Its not a book that each chapter describes a law and gives some description on how to achieve it.

It’s a story with the principles weaved into it.

7 Laws of Highest Prosperity :  Making Your Life Count for What really Counts!

from the back cover:

7 LAWS that might Surprise You . . .will certainly Challenge You . . .and could Transform Your Life!

If you’ve ever struggled with the apparent conflict between things worldly and things spiritual, this book was written for you. A simple, charming, and entertaining fable and an insightful commentary, 7 Laws of Highest Prosperity offers a refreshing perspective on living successfully in the real world, without sacrificing spiritual values.

If you’ve ever wondered why true success eludes you, why life can feel curiously empty, perhaps you’re ready for a more inclusive approach to prosperity—one that involves body, mind, and spirit.

Sam the wood gatherer and fellow characters help you understand where you are today and how to gain true prosperity in your life; they and their life experiences and lessons shared will stay with you like old friends, helping you remain true to its inspiration.

The practical, uplifting guidance in 7 Laws will help you focus on this profound truth: financial health springs from a life based on spiritual principles. If you’ve ever hungered for a way to make your life count for what really counts—or for new motivation for taking the path you once meant to take—7 Laws of Highest Prosperity is for you. Let 7 Laws take you on an intriguing journey of discovery that looks beyond making a living . . . to making a life!

With “been there/done that” conviction, Cecil O. Kemp Jr.and writing associate Kathryn Knight fill the pages of 7 Laws of Highest Prosperity with wisdom, inspiration, and hope based on Cecil’s own life’s transformation.


Sam, the main character is the book, is like-able and easy to connect with. Same with the other characters.

Not knowing exactly what era the book in written in, some of the language is sappy.

Good book…. if you find it, read it. Especially if you are having trouble with prosperity.