Daily Archives: May 4, 2010

Haiku ~ A Burst of Creativity


food for the soul

rots in the evil innards

expelled by minions


shadows flutter from corners

even in this darkness

God be glorified


slam the door hard

walking over  crushed blood red hearts

freedom bellows from the streets


kisses like forbidden fruit

stolen glances among the books

condemnation stares


tulips swoon by the wind

paper thin promises blow

harsh rain breaks the stem


one heart still beating

knowledge filled paper back books

the heavenlies cry


pleasure and pain unfold

every sin has its source

the world swallows you up


light and darkness spread

may they never fall from grace

wasted so much time


child man confused

deviant delusional

the world hates you


desires float on oil

emotions in your pocket

compost your soul


white fluffy petals

taken by the eastern wind

brought home to love again


branches brought low

in the perfect time of weakness

faith  rises above


some are brought back

some in chains, some with gladness

all are His in Christ


no easy answers

to pull up the weed or not

till the ground of hope


innocence shattered

debris left to ponder why

shadow loomed dark


my fingers say yes

rainbow colored fibers skeins and balls

my heart says no


protect the nest egg

a mothers occupation

die a small death over


sin like an apple

shiny pretty inticing

worm like a serpent


from a cell he came

cute little bundle of joy

what will he become


water cleanses me

fire refines me

earth nourishes me

sky illuminates me


humans depress me

God loves me


sin surrounds the dark

wrong love devours the weak

help those who have died


blue wet churning water

red scorching hot towering flames

purple is my heart


to do or not to

complex issues of the heart

enduring love rules


christlikeness we seek

prone to judge sins of other

God is ashamed


destruction our demise

accountable to a holy God

do not let sin reign


brought low by autumn

buried by blustery winter storms

sun wakes up again


dimly we now see

the Lords view is from on high

destiny is heaven


promote wrong ideals

shame is now celebrated

repent young sinner


food for the belly

we disagree the intent

cruelty slays me


chastity is good

lust spreads like open leprosy

keep them locked up tight


small minded people

you are contrary to nature

take log out of eye


an empty cheerless house

inheritance forgotten

missing infant smile


silly names I love

monkey face, crazy two toes

no one to hear me


pinecones litter ground

babies fall from mothers tree

swirled by the wind


OK, there is much more swirling around in my brain,but its almost 500 words.

add your own…….