Daily Archives: December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas, Everyone!


We just got home from Leslie’s house and I had a couple glasses of wine.

We played some games and had lots of fun. I got heartburn and the hiccups. We then came home to open presents.

The one we were most worried about was the chainsaw carved bear we bought for jim. From a place in Allyn.

So far he loves it, it will sit on the porch of his man shed….. also got him a Home Depot gift certificate to finish the man shed so it will be ready to occupy. soon.

I’m looking forward to sitting out there reading and writing with no one to bother me.

Tomorrow we head out to the grandparent’s house, me to my parents house, and jim and Jesse to jim’s parents house.

Be blessed and joyful in the new year. God loves you.