So, Speaking of Facebook


Facebook has got me hooked.

Sadly my life revolves around superpoke pets, bejeweled blitz, tattoo pictures  and status updates.

I have been hurt by people de-friending me. Amazed at seeing high school classmates again.

I have de-friended people but asked them back.

Grateful to have people on there that I would normally not see very often.

Relieved to see people updating things even when they hide out from reality.

Sad to see some folks with messed-up lives. Glad to get to pray with them and for them.

So what would God say about this phenomenon called Facebook?

Are we doing what He intended with our lives? Are we bringing people to Him through this medium?

Will all the nations hear the Good News of the Lord and Savior thru FB?

I’m assuming like everything else in life Facebook needs to be balanced. Fit in among living, cooking, cleaning, reading, growing, moving, learning and loving.


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