Daily Archives: October 16, 2009

Weird Dreams Really Get Me Down


Thought I would try the new WordPress PicApp and tell you about my guinea pig experience.

So there is this research clinic near me that does clinical trials. I was clicking around Facebook and was telling them I couldn’t sleep. Was looking for a way to sleep. I’m exhausted all the time. Due mostly to my depression.

[Which in turn is mostly due to recent circumstances beyond my control]

I assumed an insomnia trial was what I would qualify for. They say I was more qualified for the depression study.

Docs believe if an antidepressant is taken and not working, then an antipsychotic should be added to help with the depression symptoms.

Abilify is one of those drugs.

I’m on Lexapro right now and it’s not working, yes, people who do not believe in antidepressants, I am also in therapy and bible studies and in the Word of God daily.

But my sleep sucks. When i can get my tiny mind to stop racing, I have the weirdest dreams, they are always of me struggling. Struggling to have control on something or someone. Always actions packed, sometimes scary and always weird, weird, weird.

So anyways, I thought, what the heck? I will get an antidepressant and the study is for the antipsychotic.

I will be a bit loopy for awhile while new meds rage thru my system. And I could just get a placebo for the antipsychotic.

The antidepressant I’m taking is Pristiq

So, to finish the longer than needed story. Please pray for me while the study is going one. For a clear head, no adverse side-effects and hopefully in the long run, helping someone else out.

Glory to God in the Highest!