Musings on…. Desire and Deceit


Did I get your attention?

Ha, it’s just a book…..By Albert Mohler

Desire and Deceit, The Real Cost of the New Sexual Tolerance.

Desire and Deceit: The Real Cost of the New Sexual Tolerance

Off the back of the book:

Lifetime monogamy is passé. Pornography infiltrates nearly every home. Homosexuality is accepted. Lust has been redefined. The family as an institution is questioned.

We are reminded every day that assumptions about what is right and wrong, sexually, are different today than they were fifty–or even ten–years ago. Christian principles that formed the pattern for generations of American families are conspicuously absent. What happened and why? How do we respond to the dramatic shift in our culture’s perspective on sex?

As one of today’s most influential thinkers, Dr. Albert Mohler addresses these critical topics in a thoughtful, cut-to-the-chase style in Desire and Deceit. As you follow Mohler’s guidance in applying biblical solutions to today’s most highly charged issues, you will be not only equipped but also inspired to speak the truth in a society hungry for answers.

About the Author
Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. is president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, the flagship school of the Southern Baptist Convention. Recognized by such publications as Time and Christianity Today as one of the country’s most influential leaders, Dr. Mohler has appeared on Larry King Live, The Today Show, Dateline NBC, Good Morning, America, and The O’Reilly Factor and hosts a daily radio show that is broadcast on more than eighty stations nationwide. He and his family live in Louisville, Kentucky.

So, to begin, I bought this book at the Ligonier conference, curiosity really.

It’s good. A bit general but only because it’s trying to fit a whole bunch of stuff in a little book. Good stuff.

He talks about the changing role, views and problems with sex. All kinds of sex: Lust, pornography, Christian marriage, homosexuality, friendships, and polymorphous perversity.

Yeah, ok.

In the preface Al states: This frame of reference transforms the entire question and leaves the creature asking this:how do I celebrate and live out my stewardship of my sexuality and my exercise of this gift so that the Creator is most glorified?

Which should be every Christians question to themselves.

Mohler states a challenge on a certain topic, say, pornography, then states the calling of christians in that aspect.

He says it’s basically who do you desire to please, self or God?

Good book, sorry the review is less than stellar. I got the book, if you want to borrow it or go buy it!

~The Home Engineer

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  1. Hmm… “polymorphous perversity”… you made me go look that one up. Learn something new everyday!

    But seriously… interesting blurb off the back of the book. Granted, I haven’t read the book, but I guess I kind of question the author’s original premise. Although homosexuality is a hot topic these days because of the inclusion, or lack thereof, of these relationships in newly drafted laws… have “people” really changed their views on it? Regardless of laws, I don’t think people have really changed their perspective on sexual issues… they just may be more open about them. Maybe that makes it seem like things have shifted, but I have a feeling it’s just a more vocal portrayal of what has been.

    It’s like cancer… have cancer rates really increased over the years? Or have our detection methods/screenings and medical science progressed so much that detection happens more often now than in the past?

    Not disagreeing at all with what appears to be the author’s point… just kind of makes me wonder if the original theory of “changing sexual attitudes” is really true.

    • Kurt, his main focus is on homosexuality and its current grip on society, government and religion.
      Of course, and im only assuming here, that he puts the others in because they are all listed in bible as sexual sin.
      Im with you, i think people are more open to intrepreting the bible on sexual sins in different ways. if you know what i mean.
      we must also differenciate between what is different say in the 1950’s VS today…
      and what is different in the old and new testament days Versus now.
      quite a different and daunting task, but not undoable.
      I must read your e-mail again, cuz im thinking the oppostie way as you are….. im probably reading it wrong 🙂
      thanks for commenting.
      oh when he is describing the real cost, he is referring to the changing of the definition of marriage and free love and gender neutrality that we, as a people, are trying to go for.
      it all breaks down to sin, what God calls sin, people are trying to change it to not be considered sin.

  2. on a completely different note- I LOVE the new photo/header @ the top of your blog! sweet,,but then again, I’m biased. Winston would be so excited!

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