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Musings on ….. Beautiful Boy


From Amazon

A few days ago while waiting for my son to finishing Drivers class, I hopped over to Barnes and Noble to check out the high-priced shiny new books.

I never buy books there, too many good deals online, but was in a weird mood and picked up 2 books.

One was Francine Rivers Leota’s Garden  and the other. Beautiful Boy.

It’s a wonderful story, well, not such a wonderful subject, but I really liked it. To me the best part was reading how a father, a male, deals with his sons addiction.

As we women know not many men are handy at using words to form sentences regarding their thoughts 😉

With stuff going on in my life I can relate to this book, I also can see how my addictions affected others.

He loves to learn and from his desire to learn about his sons enemy he wrote a lot of facts/statistics. Which I love.

2 excerpts:

 “so much of this disease is grieving. Grief is interrupted by hope, hope by grief. Then our grieving is interrupted by a new crisis.”

Dave, the father, was talking to a counselor and he asked the father if he believed in God. Father told him no, the family didn’t. The counselor told him “You will by the time this is all over”

Short and simple: good book, get it, read it, if you want to borrow it, you can.

His son also wrote a book called Tweak: its on my wish list.