Taking a Bite Outta Life……..


I saw this picture in an art book Jesse and I are looking through for his art class.

It made me think of when Jesse was little [about 6 or 7] He was at grammas house and a black cocker spaniel lived next door. She was a mean barker and the neighbors never let her out of the garage.

I don’t quite know how she got out, her name was Pepper, and came chasing after Jesse. He somehow ran up against the garage door and she just kept jumping up on him, biting his butt.

Needless to say I was fiercely angry that it happened and threatened my mother with never allowing Jesse to visit her again.

He also got bit on his 14th birthday, out at the other grandparents beach house by a dog, on the thigh.

See that post here

I was going to superimpose a picture of a dog head on the lion and Jesse’s head on the guy, but he forbade me to do it.

This is our weird sense of humor and we laugh more than work during the day sometimes. ahhh, homeschooled children, they grow up to be such productive adults…… haha!

So, Enjoy the day, laugh and look at art or at least look at someone or something with different, kinder, joyful eyes.

Blessings, Kristina

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  1. No wonder your boy has Molly issues!! I didn’t realize we were bringing back such bad memories 🙂

  2. Grammer is our funnest subject–gotta love those misplaced clauses. “I got a letter from my cousins in the mailbox.”
    ~~Grammer or grammar? You gotta have fun when stuck in the house home-schooling kids. the sun is drawing us outside this week, may need to set up some table and chairs for a make-shift school room!

  3. Wait a minute. Don’t you allow him to play with the black cat that bites?
    ~~yeah, but he loves his cat and she doesnt really bite that hard, well, him anyways

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