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Musings on….The Road To Cana by Anne Rice ~ Book Review



I reviewed Anne Rices’ first book in her Christ the Lord series here

This is the second of the series. Jesus is about 30 years old and about to begin his ministry.

I think I kinda trashed the first novel but, maybe it was the mood I was in, I kinda liked this one.

Anne Rice is very good at setting up dialogue, scenery and meshing the characters together. She did a fine job of  ‘explaining herself’  in a a note from the author in the back of the book. It was interesting to read her take on how she formulated the book, the characters and  the history. She explained what was fictional and what was not.

She, like me, strives to find out all she can about this God of ours, the history He lived in, the facts versus fiction and about her faith which is Catholicism.

I enjoyed how the characters all were intertwined. When Jesus was gathering His disciples, he knew Matthew the toll collector from before, he had been with his father when he died after being baptized in the Jordan by cousin John the Baptist.

I don’t want to give too much away. But Jesus’ mother remains a virgin in this fictional account and James is his older brother, all other relatives are cousins, living together in a huge but simple house.  Avigail is Jesus’ love interest……

How is that you say? Well, you must read the book to find out.

As you read this novel, just like any other novel about our perspective on Jesus’ humanities [like The Shack], just remember it is one’s opinion, if you have questions, go to your bible, Gods Holy Word.  He will give you the answers to your questions and His love for you.

In other words, Christians need not be upset over a novel. We all formulate our opinions about our God, we just aren’t all equipped enough to put it eloquently down on paper!

Blessings, Kristina

[If you want to borrow the book, call me]