When were the Books of the New Testament Written?

ok, this isnt a very good job of cut and pasting an excel sheet, but i thought it was very interesting.
My son did an extra credit project finding out when the books of the new testament were written.
here are the the results…..
Books   The Living Bible   NIV   Reformation Bible
Matthew   60 AD   60 AD   100 AD
Mark   55   55   70
Luke   63   70   63
John   90   85   90
Acts   65   70   105
Romans   58   57   52
1 Corinthians   56   55   57
2 Corinthians   57   55   55
Galations   49   53   49
Ephesians   60   60   62
Philippians   60   55   61
Colossians   60   60   55
1 Thessalonians   51   51   50
2 Thessalonians   51   51   51
1 Timothy   63   63   63
2 Timothy   66   63   67
Titus    65   64   62
Philemon   60   60   60
Hebrews   60   70   96
James   48   50   44
1 Peter   63   67   60
2 Peter   66   68   63
1 John   85   85   100
2 John   85   85   100
3 John   85   85   100
Jude   65   65   66
Revelation   95   95   95


I’m curious to know why the dates are different…anyone know why?

Blessings, Kristina

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  1. The dates are different because no one knows with any real certainty. Several books were, by content, obviously written before the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD. Notably Paul’s signed letters, since he didn’t live to see the destruction of the Temple (with the outside date for his beheading being 67AD).

    Some, notably the writings attributed to John, seem to have been written afterwards – or at the very least we can find no verifiable evidence that copies existed before that time.

    Many of the earlier dates were originally attributed to make them fit neatly into the likely lifetime of the men who supposedly wrote them. Later evidence indicates they may not have been written by those men at all.

    The date of 100 AD for Matthew’s gospel is a new one on me, but the fact is, the only books of the NT definitively written before 70 AD are the gospel of Mark, the letter of James, and the Pauline epistles.

    The timeline for the writing of the gospels of Matthew and Luke (both of which heavily reference and rely on the gospel of Mark), the letter to the Hebrews, the letters of Peter, Acts, and Jude are uncertain at best, while the writings of John all almost certainly postdate Titus’ sacking of Jerusalem.
    ~~hey Brah! long time no see! how the heck are you? thanks for the info. stay in touch!

  2. Thanksgiving – Tis the Season for the retail grocery guy. I read your blog fairly regularly I just never have time to comment. For that matter, I barely have time to write on my own blog (for which sin my wife is getting a little peeved with me).

    One more week then I can breathe for a minute before gearing up for the Christmas rush.
    ~~Brah, get to writing for the wifey,then. how much weight have you lost?

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