Names….What They Mean



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Jim/James (hubby) – Supplanter, representative (notice how many names in his family mean this)

Kristina (me) – Anointed, follower of Christ (I wonder if my mom knew what this name meant, probably not)

Jesse (son) – God’s gracious gift (yes, he is)

     Brett (Hubbys Son) – of Bretagne, France

Mary (my mom) – bitter, rebellious (I’m sorry, I laughed at this, I love her)

Charles (my bio father)- man

Robert (my dad) – famous, brilliant, illuminated

Ken – (mom’s current hubby) – strong, healthy, fiery, handsome (He has to be to put up with Mary)

Dan (my brother) – Judged by God

Ashley – (brothers wife) – ash tree meadow

Milo – (their son) – soldier (I love this)

Rose – (their daughter) – rose (duh) 🙂


Marvin – (hubby’s dad) – famous (He could have been famous, very talented)

Jackie – (hubby’s mom) – supplanter, representative

John – (hubby’s older bro) – God is gracious

Andrew – (his son) – man

Steve – (hubbys oldest bro) – crowned

Wendy – (his wife) – fair, white, blessed

Jacoby – (their son tog.) – supplanter, representative


The Home Engineer




About Kristina

52 year old Christian lady, knitter, bible collector, crafter, little business owner, thrill seeker (only when shopping at thrift stores for tremendous bargains) my animals servant, a child of God, saved, redeemed and trying to be joyful in a fallen world.

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  1. every time ive looked up my name ive always seen “see Tamara”. so when people ask me,, thats what i say…see tamara 😀

    my husbands, Brent = steep hill. i dont know why that makes me laugh so much!

    and poor carrie 😕

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