Names….What They Mean



From this site

Jim/James (hubby) – Supplanter, representative (notice how many names in his family mean this)

Kristina (me) – Anointed, follower of Christ (I wonder if my mom knew what this name meant, probably not)

Jesse (son) – God’s gracious gift (yes, he is)

     Brett (Hubbys Son) – of Bretagne, France

Mary (my mom) – bitter, rebellious (I’m sorry, I laughed at this, I love her)

Charles (my bio father)- man

Robert (my dad) – famous, brilliant, illuminated

Ken – (mom’s current hubby) – strong, healthy, fiery, handsome (He has to be to put up with Mary)

Dan (my brother) – Judged by God

Ashley – (brothers wife) – ash tree meadow

Milo – (their son) – soldier (I love this)

Rose – (their daughter) – rose (duh) 🙂


Marvin – (hubby’s dad) – famous (He could have been famous, very talented)

Jackie – (hubby’s mom) – supplanter, representative

John – (hubby’s older bro) – God is gracious

Andrew – (his son) – man

Steve – (hubbys oldest bro) – crowned

Wendy – (his wife) – fair, white, blessed

Jacoby – (their son tog.) – supplanter, representative


The Home Engineer



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  1. every time ive looked up my name ive always seen “see Tamara”. so when people ask me,, thats what i say…see tamara 😀

    my husbands, Brent = steep hill. i dont know why that makes me laugh so much!

    and poor carrie 😕

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