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One of the characteristic features of Church life in Anglo-Saxon countries, and one from which Lutheranism has almost entirely freed itself, is the organized struggle of the Church against some particular worldly evil.

It is necessary to free oneself from the way of thinking, which sets out from human problems and which asks for solutions on this basis.

Such thinking is unbiblicical. The way of Jesus Christ, and therefore the way of all Christian thinking, leads not from the world to God but from God to the world.

This means that the essence of the Gospel does not lie in the solution of human problems, and that the solution of human problems cannot be the essential task the Church.

~Dietrich Bonhoeffer

My kingdom is not of this world.



God has ordained the two governments: the spiritual, which by the Holy Spirit under Christ makes Christians and pious people; and the secular, which restrains the unchristian and wicked so that they are obliged to keep the peace outwardly…The laws of worldly government extend no further that to life and property and what is external upon earth.

For over the soul God can and will let no one rule but himself. Therefore, where temporal power presumes to prescribe laws for the soul, it encroaches upon God’s government and only misleads and destroys souls. We desire to make this clear that every one shall grasp it, and that the princes and bishops may see what fools they are when they seek to coerce the people with their laws and commandments into believing one one or another.

~Martin Luther

(taken from Modern Reformation 2008)

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