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In My Dreams……..


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In a dream I had the other night we were on a boat, a fast big boat cruising along close to the shore.

My friend told me to come out on the back deck of the boat to look at a window he had fixed.

There was no railing on the boat, I told him to hold Anna Bella because I didn’t want her to fall off.

On the shore there was a polar bear pacing, seeing the boat, hoping for some scraps, I guess.

The shore was like the forest, green and tree laden. Odd place for a polar bear.

My friend was holding Anna but she slipped away.

She slid off the back of the boat into the deep water.

It took me but a second to gather my thoughts and jump in behind her.

In only those few seconds I was so far from her.

The polar bear saw her land in the water and gleefully jumped in and started swimming toward her.

I had a leash in my hand as I swam as fast as I could to my puppy.

The bear and I reached Anna at the same time……..


Anna paddled as fast as she could to the shore, the only place she could see to go.

The shore was land, safe.

The boat, she saw, had left her behind without a glance.

She did not see the big shadow of the polar bear, her focus was on the land, she did not know she was heading into danger.


Dogs can drown if they have to swim too far, they get tired, but are compelled to get to safety.


Sometimes I feel like my Anna Bella.

I’m treading water, getting tired, looking for a safe place to swim to, but never finding it.

The boat has left me far behind.

And the shore, is either so far away or danger is lurking within the trees that line the sandy beach.

I feel like I’m paddling but getting nowhere, and crying, well, that takes too much energy.

I feel like just quitting. Stopping the arm movements, straightening my aching legs.

Relaxing my body.

Giving up, sinking, drowning.

Where would I end up?

What choice do I have?

What does it all mean?


the end of my dream…

As the polar bear reaches my dog, opening its mouth for a tasty treat I feel myself rear up out of the water and start to slap the polar bears nose with the leash that was held tightly in my hand.

I wake up to the sound of music blaring from the radio.


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Acts 2:17
” ‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.


the posts since Iowa trip are about 2 weeks behind real time, and i have posts scheduled up until oct.

All is well here, school is good (so far). we made a couple videos, took a couple tests and our first major field trip is to see Phantom of the Opera Thursday night. Keep checking back for couple more Iowa posts, some videos and a couple D.o I.t Y.ourself posts.

Ciao, Kristina