God’s ‘Won’t’


“You turn things upside down, as if the potter were thought
to be like the clay!”  Isaiah 29:16

God’s sovereignty is so complete that he exercises ultimate control even over painful and unjust events (Exod. 4:10-12; Job 1:6-12; 42:11; Ps. 71:20-22; Isa. 45:5-7; Lam. 3:37-38; Amos 3:6; I Peter 3:17).  This is difficult for us to understand and accept, because we tend to judge God’s actions according to our notions of what is right.  Whether consciously or subconsciously, we say to ourselves, “If I were God and could control everything in the world, I wouldn’t allow someone to suffer this way.”  Such thoughts show how little we understand and respect God.

Taken from  The Peacemaker: A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict
by Ken Sande, Updated Edition (Grand Rapids, Baker Books, 2003) p. 61

Food for Thought

In seeking to follow God’s will, are you open to His won’t?

There have been countless sermons preached and numerous books written concerning God’s will.  But have you ever heard someone talk about God’s won’t?  How many times have you asked, sought and knocked, only to hear God say, “No.”?  We often find ourselves in painful and unjust events; we discover thorns in our flesh or hear peace proclaimed where there is no peace.  And we cry out, “Save us!  Take it away!  Roll down your justice, O Lord!”  We might ask three times or maybe even keep at it for three years.  But the answer from heaven appears to be, “I won’t.”       

As Ken points out, this is difficult for us to understand and accept.  We’re convinced that God should do this or should intervene there.  And when it appears that he won’t, we question his control. Or his love.  Or both.  And it’s not that the questioning is wrong, per se, but that the questioning frequently gets “ment-ed” — filled with judgment or resentment toward God.  However, “such thoughts show how little we understand and respect God.” We turn things upside down and seek to understand them based on what little we really know or see.  We have to remember that we are the clay, not the potter. There is a God and we’re not him.  The life of faith is allowing our lives to be lived God-side-up, obediently trusting his infinitely, tender hand to mold and shape us according to his good will.  And that includes his good won’t.


Wow, how many times have we gone there, beloved?

I know I have. Going thru some tough times now, I think I need a miracle. But the only miracle  I can honestly ask for is Come, Lord Jesus. (rev 22:20)

For all other miracles, as in, take this away from me, just don’t jive with His sovereignty.

Something terrible has happened and the consequences are saturating my life, making me anxious, weak, disheartened and discontent. But I know even as I go thru this time, its all working for His good, for His name to be proclaimed thru my life. To ask Him to take this from me would be cheating me of the sanctification I really truly desire.



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  1. I won’t even begin to tell you I know what you’re feeling…cause I don’t. When you said

    “Something terrible has happened and the consequences are saturating my life, making me anxious, weak, disheartened and discontent. ”

    The closest think I can compare it to threw me into a spiral of confusion and depression that left me weak, broken, pissed off, and spiritually grasping for something to hang onto as I was in a freefall…..the ONLY comfort I had during that time was 2 different people who allowed me to unpack the whole cofusing tangled up mess and really listened to me…they really listened.,…I felt validated even though it didn’t change the circumstances one iota…

    Now that you’ve met both of us in the flesh, I want to say…both of us are just a phone call away cause we do care.

    BTW…I’m going to give Winston some new things to push around and play w/ as per your suggestion…she just finished off the apple pieces from apple cider pressings..they had fermented all week and boy did she inhale that stuff 🙂
    ~~thank you, DM, i will keep you to your word that you will answer the phone when i call. i do have a couple people to talk to, so that helps.
    can pigs get drunk? if so, i bet she was!!! Well, i dont really know what pigs paly with, but there has to be something she would love to nudge around, maybe a ball?

  2. Kristina, you’re doing all you can do…letting God hold you in the storm. In it you will learn more about who God is…His faithfulness and lovingkindness, than you could any other way. He knows you…He loves you…and He’s got you in His hand as He says, “I won’t take this away…right now” What a testimony you are, and will be, to His love and faithfulness when someone else cries out “Something terrible has happened and….”
    God says, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” L
    ~~thanks…..i only hope i can be of some help to someone else going thru anything even similiar…..

  3. Sometimes the road to santification is a brutal journey.

    You are light years ahead of most people who claim the name of the Savior just by recognising He is still at work and in control.

    It is really to say “This too shall pass.”
    ~~and i know you say that from your heart, Mike, you’e gone thru some brutal times too. I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine…..

  4. Everyone’s loss is personal. I am not so special. However, if you’re journey is anything like mine…
    you may find yourself confessing to the Lord that you know He loves you and will not allow anything in your life that the both of you can’t handle TOGETHER.

    “But PLEASE LORD just allow me a glimps over the crest of this great hill to see where WE are going.:”

    God is no respector of people. The ones who have no challenges are the ones who have little destiny.

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