Salvation; Who is in Control? Part 2


Please see part one here

This means the cute little baby that we cuddle in our arms; we love and cherish and pray for, the one we make all the grand plans for and desire minimal suffering unto may or may not be saved unto eternal life. (getting all old testament on ya with the unto’s, huh?) Work with me…..

This means my baby; my sweet natured blue-eyed Jesse may or may not be saved. May or may not be Gods chosen. And I have nothing to do with it.

This means my friend who has 3 sons, who prays everyday her sons are chosen and walking the narrow path, may or may not have 3 chosen sons, maybe 1 of them is destined for hell, maybe 2 of them. Maybe all 3 of them.

This means the family I know with 6 kids, to the human eye seems like crap shoot as to who is saved.

The pastor told me I should not leave out covenant theology, because as it is, he says I made this blunt, bleak and not very positive. But I think it’s very enlightening, meaning it lightens my load or burden on working out someone else’s salvation. All I can do is pray and remember Gods promises to His children. I have a hard enough time working out our own salvation with fear and trembling. (What?!? Am I the only one?)

Definition here

The standard description of covenant theology views the history of God’s dealings with mankind in all of history, from Creation to Fall to Redemption to Consummation, under the framework of three overarching theological covenants — the covenants of redemption, of works, and of grace.

Even as I write this I get all teary-eyed. I want you to really get it, when it sinks in, it is heavy.

But God is sovereign. He is the holy righteous one who can make this choice. The only one who can make this choice. Who are we to say ‘that isn’t fair, God’ ‘if you were a kind and loving God, you would save everyone’ ‘My God would never let anyone suffer or go to hell’ on and on we go to justify in our minds how God should be.

We make God small and we make Him fit our mold. A nice sweet gentle lamb carrying God who has little character cards that we just pick out which ones we like and pasted them on his back.

We don’t like the wrath card (What God can’t be mad at us? We just committed *insert your favorite sin here* once) or even the sovereign card cuz then He would be in control. Over us.

Control is last thing we want to give up, we worked so hard since the day we left the nest to be in control, and now we learn God has been in control the whole time. What?!?!

Let us not leave discouraged. We know God chooses whom He chooses and when the Holy Spirit descends on a certain person to open up his heart and let him see/understand the Lord for the first time, it is an amazing and joyful time.

What we don’t know is who God chooses and the time He sends His spirit to rest upon them. That’s the free will part, we make our choices in life, we still pray, asking God to please take our relatives, our friends and make them whole, make them His.

Without Him we live our lives whilly-nilly, our ever-changing moral foundation shifts with the culture, we are scared to die, we are scared to live.

With Him, we can rest in the knowledge He is in control, we know by His Word, how we should live our lives, make our decisions, and His Word NEVER changes. Neither should we.

I have another friend who has 2 boys, grown, 1 married, another in college. I personally have never seen either fall away, even a little bit.

Another friend has boy and girl, both grown, the boy a prodigal, the girl not so much, she may be getting married to a Christian guy from a great Christian family.

Another friend has 7 kids, 1 on the way, all still under her roof. Very compliant and sweet.

Another friend, 1 girl prodigal as soon as she was 18, 1 boy on his way out.

Another friend, 1 girl, married and prodigal, 1 girl rebelling and younger son, don’t know for sure.

All Christian parents struggling with their children growing up, finding themselves in the world. And discovering what it really is to rely on the Lord for all things.


Part 3 Here…..



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  2. Kris,

    I thought I had your e-mail, but apparently not. I would love to help you with 2 Peter but I am in the process of moving from Alberta to BC. My Greek NT is packed up and, frankly, I’m a little busy driving across Canada and I won’t be up and running for a couple of weeks! Maybe next time.


    ~~i hope you are not driving and typing at the same time, enjoy the drive and the house.

  3. Remember that just because a kid warms a pew each week doesn’t mean he’ll be saved. Only God knows the heart and I am SO thankful that he will be my judge in the end.

    I’m concerned about this “Gods chosen” thing. They way I see it is that nothing is God’s choice, but mine. I don’t think anyone is predestined to hell otherwise why would there be rejoicing in heaven when one is saved?

    When it comes to salvation, the ball is always in my court. The choice I have though is whether I want to have God be my doubles partner or not.

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