Are You Camouflaged?


I have loved this song ever since I heard it one of the many WOW CD’s I snatched up when I started this christian sojourn:

(How silly is it that I’m sitting here at the computer dancing in my chair) 😉

And even tho this song probably was written for the youthful generation, at the age of 42, this still hits home;


What is this force around me
Just like a tractor beam that
Is always pulling me down…and when
Ever I get the chance to
Spill my guts about you
It tries to tape up my mouthWhat good am I
If I just keep you quiet
What good am I
if I don’t speak, ’cause…
I don’t wanna be camouflage
What I’m not
‘Cause what I got invades the world
I don’t wanna be in a box
All I want
Is just to stop being
I’m sick of trying to blend
Thinking that I should fit in
Like I am somebody else…Why do
I go against what I say
I come across like a fake
And keep you all to myself
It’s not that I
Wanna shove it on somebody
It’s just that I
That I can’t hide


[Repeat Chorus]

We, as Christians, try to fit in or blend in with the world all the time. We don’t really want to stand out, to be different. Why, because we really don’t want to be persecuted for our faith.

We don’t want to be called a hypocrite, a fake, a poser. (oh geez, I used the word Poser *giggle*)

Ever since the days of roaming the school halls we have come to know what it is like to be Different, and we didn’t like it, and we got flack for it in one form or another.

We will tell people we are Christians or we believe in God, but when it comes to proof, does the world see it in us?

Unfortunately, most of the time, no.

And really I don’t have to tell you that the bible is permeated with commands and  exhortations for us to be Different.  Different than the world around us, to be a light, a beacon on a hill, Christ-like, etc. To not live like the pagans/heathens, to be Holy as He is holy.

What good am I if I don’t speak the truth, God’s truth?

What good am I if I keep You all to myself?

What good am I if I’m camouflage?

Link to video and song

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