Random Commitment Issues and Other Stuff


I’m sitting at the computer this Thursday morning, listening to thunder and watching lightning and hearing the rain fall into my rain barrels.

That is the only sounds I hear…..

Ahhh, the life of a Home Engineer on vacation. (Vacation to me, by the way, is the guys being gone, they are my work, and now my mother-in-law is feeding, cleaning and taking care of them)

I have commitment issues.

i like to be free to do what I want, when I want. I don’t want a 9 to 5 job ‘holding me down’.

I want to be able to say no and help who I want to help, etc.

Like my music, I don’t really settle on any one certain people or group who I listen to or any one type of genre for that matter.

(Thunder is getting closer, scary)

I was recently asked to serve on a board of directors for a certain ministry  , and while this a wonderful ministry, I find myself not drawn to it as one I would like to put all my energy into.

I tried writing out my gifts or desires and what I am drawn to doesn’t actually fit into any ‘category’ or one certain ministry.

My Desires

1. the get the Word of God out to people who truly desire it. Bibles, i collect them and ship them out, to whomever wants them.

2. Help and serve in my church. I do that in multiple ways.

3. Help with animals and with Anna Bella. Humane Society, Tutor with Tails, etc. (Also this would cover being involved in my sons life, volunteering at the shelter and at his school)

4. Study the Word. keep attending bible studies and leading them, I’m feeling called to do more leading, but my flesh fights against it. its so time consuming and i really feel unprepared to do it. (as in knowleadge, wisdom and time being a christian)

After doing a spiritual gifts study thru Precepts, i discovered my gifts were serving, teaching and organization. That is no big surprise to people who know me 😉

So, basically, I can pretty much talk myself out of anything.

Which isn’t such a good thing. i can also get WAY over-committed if I let myself.

BUT i also feel extremely bad when i have to say no, i suppose that is a girl thing 😉

So is that a good thing? not wanting to be committed to one certain thing? Am i being selfish?

Ok, enough of that.

We are planning a church garage sale 3rd weekend in July, so if you are around, come on over and hang out with us.

We are bad parents. Anna Bella was limping and we waited for 3 weeks to get her checked out, took her to the groomer, advised her of the situation. Come to find out, she had a pebble stuck in her paw. Please, come take all the live things away from us, we are bad parents.

When we took her in to the vet for her annual exam, yes, we get all our animals yearly exams, Doc put Anna on ‘walk rest’ for a week. Do you know how hard it is not to walk your puppy? She gives me these huge sad puppy eyes whenever i even head towards the front door. 😦

Has anyone hear of S.O.A.P. journaling? If so, give me a synopsis of it, I’m curious about it.

So life is busy with leading this bible study, trying to keep a 15 year old from dying of boredom. Not working very well.

(Now i hear a cricket and some birds, nice)


The June Give-away Players:

  1.  Mary Jenkins
  2. Kam A.
  3. John B
  4. DM
  5. Jean P
  6. Kat Bryan
  7. TT
  8. Rachel

Random Integer Generator  says:

Winner is number 2!



Must go and not fritter away the rest of the day!

Have great weekend, don’t eat too much and just say NO to fireworks, they are messy and a waste of money and you might get burned 🙂

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  1. Thank you SO much! I am so excited to have won!! I love everything and know the perfect dog to fit in that cute dog sweater!
    ~~dropped in the mail today july 7th

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