Daily Archives: June 29, 2008

Dream Thoughts….and Pictures


What if?

What if an angel of death or an angel of light takes us to our eternal home when we die?


What if…

We said:

I love the Lord my God more than…

…I need this job


I love the Lord my God more than…

… I love this relationship

& this job/love/relationship would hinder that love.


What if…

God knows all and is in control of our lives,

then He permits suicide?

What if….

a botched suicide is Gods will and a completed suicide is Gods will?


Should we say….

I will go do this or that


this or that terrible thing has happened & “God can do good with it.”

Or should we say…

God has known and willed this to happen & He already has done His good will?

(meaning we shouldn’t just ‘do’ and expect God to do the clean-up PR work)


If He knows what we are gonna do, can we ever step out of His will for our lives?


I was dreaming all this with the cast of Scrubs. Yeah, weird, I know. I didn’t even watch Scrubs before I went to sleep.






Enjoy! Kristina

Its too hot to do anything but sit here by the fan. Even the dog is just laying on the floor.