I Need You…to Change Me


From the book Addictions Banquet in the Grave by Edward Welch

Why doesn’t God change us instantly?  

 Why doesn’t he remove the afflictions on our lives?   

 It is enough for us to know that God is God and simply trust Him.           

 But notice one practical advantage of this daily battle.          

 It teaches us to cry out to Him and rely on Him instead of ourselves – or our addictive substance.            

 Faith and trust are qualities God prizes.     

   Without daily struggles there would be no compelling reason to out to Him and say, “I need You,” which is a definition of faith.

I found this paragraph to be rather compelling and keep going back to it.

In dealing with addictions, we want the desire/craving/wanting of the our beloved substance to be gone in an instant.

Like Samantha the witch, wriggling her nose and source of our lust…gone.

 Drop me a line, tell me your addiction, if you have overcome it, and how did you overcome it.

Give encouragement for all who click on this post.

 blessings, Kristina

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  1. I am addicted to loving my sin and avoiding the Lord in the Word, prayer, and worship so I don’t have to deal with it and/or forsake it. It’s stupid, because when He gets ahold of me, I couldn’t regret more the time I’ve wasted when I could have been delighting in and serving and knowing Him, and finding my strength and comfort in Him, but I relapse sometimes. So I guess I can’t say I have overcome this, but Christ has overcome it for me, and I’m thankful that God is working on making me over in with a family resemblance. 🙂

    Not meaning to answer you smartly nor goody-two-shoes-edly. This has been only all too real lately, but that’s why that sovereign grace is such a blessing!!!

    Soooo much happening right now, but this isn’t the place ~

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